Round 9 Jon Finkel vs. Antoine Ruel

Posted in Event Coverage on November 9, 2002

By Victor van den Broek

A lot of matches like this have seen the light of day yesterday and today at the Pro Tour. Reanimator vs. Reanimator. Both these gentlemen are running the Blue-Black version of the deck with some differences, but still, they tend to do the same thing.

Game 1

Antoine won the flip but got a hand that was best described as mediocre. Double Vampiric Tutor, Duress, two Underground Rivers and a Visara the Dreadful. He just played the River and said go. Jon took Antoine's Duress when he Duressed Antoine himself. Antoine then fetched a Careful Study with his Vampiric Tutor, played it on his own turn to put Visara in the graveyard and Reanimated it. This put him at 9 life already though. Jon played a City of Brass and Careful Studied himself, ditching an Exhume and Hapless Researcher. Antoine attacked with his Visara and played Brainstorm and Polluted Delta.

Jon then fetched his own Pitfighter Champion - Rorix Bladewing - with Entomb. He Exhumed it and served for 6, bringing Antoine to two precious life. Antoine had to fetch a land with his Delta though to get land that wasn't even more painful. Afterwards he fetched a Mana Leak with Mystical Tutor and kept his Visara at home this turn. Jon entombed a Visara of his own at the end of Antoine's turn. He attacked his Rorix into Visara, mimicking a real pit fight right there. Visara wins though - she tends to win pit fights by cheating and killing the other off without combat. Jon tried to Recoil the Visara during Antoine's attack step but that was Mana Leaked. He then fetched a Life/Death with Vampiric Tutor, cast the Life part with help from a City of Brass and served with 2 lands to take the game.

Game 2

Visara the Dreadful
A double mulligan on Antoine's side made this look bad from the start. Even though he got a Visara on turn two with help from a Vampiric Tutor, Entomb and Reanimate, Jon just Entombed a Gilded Drake and took the Visara from Antoine by casting Death on the Drake. Antoine who only had one card left in his hand even saw that one stripped by Jon's Mesmeric Fiend - it was a Reanimate that could take the Drake should Jon kill it with the Visara. Another Mesmeric Fiend takes a Mystical Tutor on turn later and Antoine scoops it up.

Final Result: Jon Finkel 2 - Antoine Ruel 0

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