Round 9: vs. Free Pat Chapin

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Gijsbert Hoogendijk

Both these Pro Teams scraped into day two with two losses. The pressure is on now as if they are to have the slightest chance of making top 4 then they both need to win out.

A Mike Pustilnik vs. Franck Canu
B Ed Fear vs. Raphael Levy
C Andrew Stokinger vs. Christophe Haim

Mikey P has an unwinnable matchup and Andy Stokinger shouldn't lose so the key match is the black-white mirror between Ed Fear and Raphael Levy. Last time these met was at World's 2000 where Levy came out the better.

Game 1

The Frenchman wasn't having much fun this time round. He won the roll and elected to go first and managed to make only swamps and a Carrion Feeder. By the time Levy found a plains Fear was beating him down with two morphs and a Severed Legion.

Levy finally cast his second spell, an Aven Redeemer, on turn 6. Fear flipped over a Skinthinner and sent that to the 'yard. Levy fetched it back with a Misery Charm. Fear Swatted it back to the 'yard. Levy scooped.

"Always a bad sign when you sideboard in Rochester," Ed Fear said going into his sideboard. "Means you messed up somewhere."

Fear 1-0 Levy

Around this time Pustilnik had a Goblin Grappler with Dragon Fangs and Crown of Fury and Stokinger had just dropped Pemmin's Aura on a morph.

Game 2

Game 2 started badly for Levy again. He had to mulligan and then skipped turn three without playing a spell. He had a Consumptive Goo to Fear's morph and Withered Wretch

"He's playing Goo-go," Fear said when Levy passed turn 4 without playing a spell either.

Fear attacked with his morph anyway and Levy made it a little smaller and his Goo bigger but chose not to block just in case. Fear dropped a morph and Carrion Feeder to try and overwhelm Levy before the Goo got out of hand.

Both Stokinger and Pustilnik went 1-0 up at this point to give Free Pat Chapin a lead across the board.

Levy Gooed the Feeder and nailed the Wretch with a Misery Charm before bolstering his defenses with a Starlight Invoker.

Fear ran three morphs in only for Levy to pick the right blocks and send a Skinthinner and Wingbeat Warrior to the graveyard for no loss. Fear had to finish the Goo off with Profane Prayers before it got to dangerous.

It seemed like Levy might pull back into the game as he summoned a Smokespew Invoker and took out a second facedown Skinthinner on Fear's side of the table. Then Fear found Decree of Justice. Although he only had enough mana to create one angel this was problem enough for Levy. Dragon Scales on the angel dropped Levy to 4 and left him having to keep 8 mana a turn open for the Starlight Invoker to stay alive. He tried to break out of this imposed lock by dropping a Dive Bomber to chump for a turn while he got some more creatures. Unfortunately Fear had the Pacifism to take the match.

Ed Fear beat Raphael Levy 2-0

Free Pat Chapin 1-0

Haim and Canu both leveled their matches to keep the overall match alive.

Game 3

Game 3 of the seat C match between Haim and Stokinger saw Haim's white-blue deck holding off Stokinger's Mistform Warchief, morph and a Callous Oppressor with a Noble Templar and Aven Redeemer. Haim was also playing red and when he found a mountain he was able to get rid of the Oppressor with Scattershot.

This was starting to look like the key match as Canu had just summoned a turn 4 Forgotten Ancient to give Pustilnik real worries in his game.

Things weren't exactly peachy for Stokinger either as Haim dropped Pemmin's Aura on the Templar. The Morphling with three extra toughness looked a lot more menacing than Stokinger's Primoc Escapee. The American made another morph and considered his options.

They were not good as a second Templar arrived for Haim.

Fear called for the "Savage Miser" hat and it managed to work it's magic as, despite facing a Forgotten Ancient spitting out counters everywhere, Pustilnik ripped the vital 7th land to send a game winning Searing Flesh to Canu's head. Somehow he'd pulled out an unlikely victory.

It also turned out to be absolutely vital as Stokinger ran out chump blockers in extras turns and succumbed to Haim's Glintwing Invoker and "Morphling"

Final Result: Free Pat Chapin beat 2-1

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