Round 9: Mike Turian vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

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By Josh Bennett

Mike Turian vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Both these players are 2-0 in their draft pod, virtually ensuring a quality match from them this round. Kai Budde stopped by to personally wish Mike Turian good luck. A victory over Kamiel Cornelissen would put him further away from upsetting Budde's Player of the Year run.

Turian opened the game with Lay of the Land, fetching a swamp, and took beats first from Cornelissen's Ceta Disciple, then from his kicked Arctic Merfolk. Cornelissen was stuck on two islands, though, and Turian's Bog Down stole Urborg Phantom and Hypnotic Cloud.

However, Turian didn't have anyone to throw in the way of the two attackers, and quickly fell to eight. Cornelissen returned the Bog Down, taking Life/Death and an uncastable Radiant Kavu. Turian made a Kavu Howler which scored no friends, and a Hypnotic Cloud that stripped Cornelissen's hand. He drew and played Urborg Volcano, his fifth land.

Turian sent with the Howler, Recovered his Radiant Kavu and got it into play via a Quirion Sentinel. Things were definitely not going the Dutchman's way. He topdecked Phyrexian Battleflies and put it into play. Turian Strafed the Ceta Disciple to slow Cornelissen down, and attacked with his Howler and Sentinel. The Merfolk took care of the Sentinel.

Mike TurianCornelissen continued his quality pulls by peeling Repulse off the top, sending the Radiant Kavu home. The Battleflies knocked Turian to six. Turian counterattacked for four, laying out a Trench Wurm, and Cornelissen pulled Emblazoned Golem off the top, putting it into play as a 4/5. He knocked Turian to four.

Turian sent both his boys in, and Cornelissen took down the Wurm, falling to four. He had finally found a plains, and replayed his Radiant Kavu, only to see Cornelissen demonstrate his pro abilities by finding Flametongue Kavu at the top of his deck. The game that Turian thought he had in the proverbial bag was taken out again by three killer topdecks.

Game 2 was absolutely brutal. Cornelissen had more answers than he knew what to do with. He had Cursed Flesh to stop an Urborg Elf from accelerating Turian, then before Turian could get his Quirion Dryad online, Cornelissen was ready with a kicked Jilt to dispatch it and delay a Thornscape Familiar.

Turian's Trench Wurm looked ludicrously scary, considering half of Cornelissen's lands were nonbasic. Cornelissen laid down Flametongue. Turian replayed his Familiar, and when Cornelissen tried to get unfair with Lava Zombie, he took down the Flametongue with Consume Strength. A Tidal Visionary ensured that the Zombie could enter play and bust heads.

Kamiel Cornelissen One mana shy of a kicked Hypnotic Cloud, Turian tapped out for Stone Kavu. This convinced Cornelissen to pop his Sulfur Vent to Plague Spores it and his lone mountain. Turian's frown went from depressed to maudlin. He Clouded for one like it meant something.

Cornelissen decided that the Zombie wasn't nearly enough offense on the empty board, and added a Phyrexian Bloodstock. Turian found another mountain, and his Quirion Sentinel powered out a Strafe on the Bloodstock. His nefarious plan completed when he chumped the Lava Zombie with his Sentinel, and Singed to deep-six it. Cornelissen relieved him of Tribal Flames and Desolation Giant with Bog Down, and the two stared at each other for a turn.

The silence was broken by Cornelissen's unkicked Arctic Merfolk, a four-turn clock at this point. Turian drew, and put his card down after looking at it. He did so again after taking one from the Merfolk. Cornelissen upped the ante with Phyrexian Gargantua. Turian all but left the feature match area. He peeked at his next card and scooped. His Radiant Kavu had come to late.

Final Result: Kamiel Cornelissen defeats Mike Turian 2-0

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