Round 9: Russell Barlow vs. Tim He

Posted in Event Coverage on October 4, 2003

By Andrew Plinston

Tim and Russell were sitting next to each other during the draft, both fighting over white. Tim is playing a white blue deck with 2 Crystal Shards, Solar Tide and a range of solid creatures. Russell is playing a white red deck with Spikeshot Goblin, Grab the Reigns and creatures that start getting played around turn 5.

Game 1

Russell won the flip and choose to play first. He stuck with his first hand which had 5 lands and 2 spells. Both players played early equipment cards. Tim with a Viridian Longbow and Russell with a Leonin Scimitar. Tim played the first creature, a Wizard Replica. Russell played a Goblin War Wagon and said go. Tim responded by playing a Crystal Shard and using it to bounce the Wagon while Russell was still tapped out.

Russell replayed the Goblin War Wagon, this time with one mana left open. Tim moved the longbow over to the Wizard and sat back ready to start pinging. Russell started the damage race by equipping his Wagon with the scimitar and swung in. Tim played out his Fatespinner, which made things hard for Russell. Russell decided he didn't need his main phase that turn and swung in with his 4/4 Wagon. Tim played another creature, a Leonin Mender and attacked with his Fatespinner. Russell skipping his main phase again and attacked with his 4/4 wagon putting Tim at 8.

Tim played a Slagwurm Armor and attached it to his Wizard Replica to make it a decent blocker. Russell knowing he wasn't going to be doing any damage by attacking skipped his attack phase and played out a Skyhunter Patrol and moved over his Leonin Scimitar.

Tim continued to ping at Russell and remained in control of the board. Russell drew and played out a Hematite Golem. Tim moved his Slagwurm Armor over to his Fatespinner. The next turn Russell equipped and swung with his Hematite Golem pumping it to a 10/5, Tim Blocked with his team of Mender, Fatespinner and his Wizard Replica. Russell assigned 5 to the Mender and the Wizard Replica. Tim saved his Wizard by regenerating it with the Leonin Mender and bouncing his mender with his Crystal Shard, killing off the Golem and losing nothing.

Russell scooped up his cards knowing he wouldn't be able to get passed Tim's army of blockers before he got pinged to death.

He 1 - Barlow 0

Game 2

Russell playing first started off with a mulligan. Both players played out their equipments on their first few turns, Tim with his longbow again and Russell with his Lightning Greaves. On Tim's third turn he played out his Fatespinner. Russell had a three drop of his own, a Yotian Soldier.

Tim played out a Skyhunter Cub on his 4th turn. Russell played out a Ogre Leadfoot on his 5th turn and equipped it with his greaves to make it have haste but was unable to attack because of the Fatespinner. Tim moved his longbow over to his cub and swung in for 3. Russell swung back for 3 and skipped his main phase. Tim swung back with his Cub, played out a Leonin Den-Guard and moved over his Longbow to have a blocker for Russell's Leadfoot.

Russell wisely choose to skip his attack phase and played out his Pearl Shard to try and stop some of the incoming damage next turn. Tim moved back his Longbow to his Cub and swung in for another 3 and played out his crystal shard. After moving his Longbow back to Leonin Den-Guard, Tim played a Solar Tide and choose three and above to kill an Ogre Leadfoot. Russell on his turn played out his Hematite Golem and passed the turn. Tim added more flying power with a Lumengrid Sentinel, played a Scimitar and put it on his Cub.

Russell seeing he couldn't race or deal with the flyers conceded.

Tim He wins 2-0

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