Round 9 - Thomas Felsberg (Fires) vs. Victor Galimbertti (Ponza)

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By Toby Wachter

Both of these players were 7-1 going into this round. Felsberg is on this year's Brazilian National team, and he placed in the Top 8 at last year's Latin American Championships. In this round, his Fires deck went up against Galimbertti's Ponza deck. Mono-red certainly has a hard time with Blastoderms and Shivan Wurms, but the heavy burn Galimbertti's deck is packing along with the land destruction may cripple Felsberg's mana production before he starts playing fatties.

Game 1

Thomas played first, and opened with a first turn Birds of Paradise. He then played a second Bird, and a Port, which was used on Victor's upkeep. A Shivan Wurm followed on the third turn, giving Victor's mono-red deck quite a problem to deal with. Victor then played Stone Rain, destroying a forest. However, Victor had nothing to handle the 7/7 monster, and he conceded a few turns later.

Felsberg- 1 Galimbertti- 0

Game 2

Victor played first this game, and drew an eighth card during his turn, although it was up in the air as to whether he drew it before or after playing a land. Victor attributed it to a mental slip. He received a warning, and was forced to mulligan down to six cards. Victor played a Seal of Fire, and Thomas played an Elf, which was promptly destroyed. A Kris Mage followed, which was eliminated by Thomas with Urza's Rage. He then played a Llanowar Elf and a Port, tapping down one of Victor's mountains on upkeep. Blastoderm hit play soon after, and Victor was feeling the effects of the forced mulligan, as he was stuck at three lands.

Blastoderm now attacked, and was joined by a second. Victor finally drew a fourth land, and played Skizzik without kicker, dealing five damage. Thomas didn't seem too sad, as he played a Saporling Burst and sent over both 'Derms for a whopping ten damage. Victor played a fifth land, and dropped a Scoria Cat. However, this certainly wasn't enough to get the job done. Thomas took three tokens off Saproling Burst on end step, and attacked for massive damage on his turn to win the match.

Felsberg- 2 Galimbertti- 0

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