Round 9: Tsuyoshi Fujita vs. Osamu Fujita

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Patriarch's Bidding
Both of these Japanese players have run through this tournament like a pair of buzz saws with identical Goblin decks that touch black for Patriarch's Bidding and Smother in the board—the deck was designed by Tsuyoshi. They are the only two undefeated players after eight rounds of play and now must face one another. Osamu is coming off a string finish at Japanese Nationals and is a member of the renowned Japanese team, Panzer Hunters.

Tsuyoshi Fujita may be the surest bet ever to make the Top 8 of an Asian Grand Prix. He has Top 8 finishes in virtually every one he has ever played in. He is also the first Japanese player to crack the elite Day Three circle of the Pro Tour. There were five Goblin Bidding decks on Day two but only three players were playing this exact list that was designed by Tsuyoshi. ALL THREE players with the list made Day two including the third player without the benefit of any byes.

Game 1

The players laughed as the round got underway and guaranteed a fierce and quick same-deck battle. Tsuyoshi opened with a Piledriver but Osamu had no plays for the first two turns. Tsuyoshi's third turn was a Goblin Warchief and an attack for five—Osamu grunted as if he had been punched in the gut. The best he could muster as an answer was a Warchief of his own but it had to stay back on guard detail.

Tsuyoshi grinned widely when the turn passed back to him. He played a Sparksmith and another Warchief. He Firebolted the defending Warchief and as able to swing in for a back-breaking twelve damage

Tsuyoshi – 1 Osamu - 0

Game 2

Osamu keeps but Tsuyoshi decided to mulligan after much consideration. Both players likely sideboarded the same—taking out Biddings for Gempalms and Smothers. Despite what seemed like a reasonable hand, Tsuyoshi knew he could not win and shipped it back for six more reliable cards.

Both players opened with 1/1's—a Prospector from Osamu and a Sledder from Tsuyoshi. Osamu fortified with a Sledder of his own. When he attempted a third turn Goblin Sharpshooter it was killed with a Gempalm Incinerator.

Tsuyoshi pressed the card advantage angel and cast Goblin Matron for another Gempalm. Osamu thought about his attack step but decided to play a Matron instead. They had to laugh at the silliness of the mirror as Osamu searched out an Incinerator of his own. Matron blocked a Sledder and Osamu sacrificed his Matron to save the 1/1.

Another matron from the Top 8 machine found a Siege-Gang Commander. Osamu played a Warchief and weighed his options. He sent in the team and a Matron blocked a Sledder—Osamu saved it and bolted the Sledder after combat.

Tsuyoshi played out a Siege-Gang Commander and searched for tokens—eventually settling on three credit cards. It was Incinerated and Osamu played two more Sledders and attacked with everyone. The three pieces of plastic blocked the 1/1s and when the dust settled, Osamu was left with a Warchief and a Sledder.

Tsuyoshi compelled his friend to flash back a Firebolt with a Sharpshooter and shot the Warchief with an Incinerator in response, killing the Sledder instead. Tsuyoshi played a Warchief and a Siege-Gang on his next turn and suddenly the game's momentum shifted.

Osamu played a Siege-Gang of his own off the top of his deck and immediately smacked himself on the forehead. He had just made a huge mistake—he was so happy to draw the Siege Gang that he slammed it down but he was holding Matron. He could have Matroned for Matron for and ultimately a Piledriver and attacked for the kill but with the Siege-Gang he came up a point short.

Tsuyoshi ripped the Sharpshooter off the top and could kill his friend with the machinegun goblin.

Final Result: Tsuyoshi – 2 Osamu - 0

Tsuyoshi Fujita

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Fujita Osamu

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