Round Eight Feature Match: Bruno Carvalho (CHE) vs. Stefano Fiore (ITA)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

This is where you want to be right now. NOT playing for the second day, playing for the perfect score. The winner of this match will have the easiest possible path to the Top 8 tomorrow.

Game One

Bruno mulliganed his first hand while Stefano shook his head before keeping his. The reason was soon obvious. The Italian played Mountain after Mountain giving Carvalho more than enough time to set up.

Turn two Lightning Rift was more than enough to handle turn three Goblin Warchief. A cycled Eternal Dragon took care of that. A second Warchief lasted about the same time, dying under Incinerator.

Next came a Clickslither dropping the Swiss to Thirteen. On the next attack, a cycled Decree of Justice took take creature out as well. Carvalho almost tapped out to return his Dragon. Fiore tried to seize the opening to cast Warchief and Piledriver but the Swiss was ready with Spark Spray.

A second Rift dragged the Italian into further trouble. Now Carvalho could use each cycle card to handle a Goblin and deal damage to Stefano's head. The Italian tried Clickslither and Piledriver and Bruno pointed both his Rifts at Clickslither.

Fiore tried to sack the Piledriver to save the big Insect but Carvalho had another cycling card. The table was once again clean of Red creatures. On the following turn Stefano Fiore decided he had had enough.

Bruno 1-0 Stefano.

Game Two

Again Stefano agonized over his hand before keeping it. He came out slightly faster with a second turn Goblin Piledriver but couldn't follow it up.

Stefano: "Get it over with. Just win it."

Bruno played Lightning Rift and Stefano's Piledriver finally found some help: Goon. He played Stabilizer and Carvalho answered with Incinerator on the Piledriver. The Goon remained and Carvalho couldn't use his cycling cards.

Stefano: "Wing Shards or no?"

It appeared Carvalho didn't have it, he took another hit from the Goon, going down to six, and finally found an answer: Oblation. Stefano laughed the fact was he couldn't find another creature to play. Instead he played another land and passed the turn.

Carvalho came back with Exalted Angel and Fiore answered with a flood of Red creatures: Warchief and Siege-Gang Commander. The Angel tried to stop the incoming army but it wasn't enough.

Bruno 1-1 Stefano.

Game Three

This time Fiore didn't resist: he mulliganed his hand. Again Carvalho had turn-two Rift but Fiore shut if right down with Stabilizer followed by Piledriver. Bruno played a morph and Stefano kept his Piledriver back, playing Sharpshooter.

Spark Spray took out the tricky goblin but the Italian was on fire: Siege-Gang Commander. Carvalho spanked his deck but got no fourth land. Instead he played Starstorm for one. Again, the Italian brought forth the beats: Warchief and Sledder. Everyone attacked, the morphed Angel died and Bruno Carvalho felt to eleven.

Another draw step yielded no lands for Bruno Carvalho and he extended his hand to Stefano Fiore. The Italian exploded with the joy of getting 8-0 in Italy.

Final Result:
Stefano 2-1 Bruno.

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