Round Eleven Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Morgan Douglass

Posted in Event Coverage on October 19, 2003

By Mary Van Tyne

Morgan made top 8 at GP Detroit, and is an up-and-coming East Coast player who's associated with the CMU-TOGIT crowd.
Mike, who needs no further introduction, commented, "I'd like to say hi to my girlfriend, who's here in the PTQ, and I wish her good luck, and my sister, and my parents, and my family, and THE HEISS, and Eugene Harvey, and Jens because I opened him (flashing a Solemn Simulacrum), and...that's enough."

Game One

Mike and Morgan decide to flip a coin to see who will play first. Mike called tails and Morgan won the flip. He decided to play first, and both players opted to keep their hands.

Morgan led with a Mountain, and Mike countered with an Island and an AEther Spellbomb. He played an Iron Myr on his next turn, but Morgan was ready for it with a Spikeshot Goblin of his own. Mike tapped out on his fourth turn to play a Hematite Golem, and Morgan untapped and killed the Myr on his next turn. Mike attacked with the Golem for one and then played a Fireshrieker, then passed the turn.

Morgan tapped four to play a Rustspore Ram to kill the Fireshrieker, then passed back to Mike. Mike attacked and Morgan said, "Five?" like he expected Mike to pump the Golem. Instead, Mike left the Golem alone, then played a Nusiance Engine and a Somber Hoverguard. Morgan shot Mike with the Goblin on Mike's end step, then attacked with the Ram to bring Mike to 18. He played a Tel-Jilad Archers and passed back to Mike.

"Ooh, that's good," Mike said. He sang a tuneless tune to himself as he thought about attacking, and eventually sacrificed his AEther Spellbomb to draw a card. He passed without attacking. Morgan played another land, rounding out his completement of white and green, then attacked with the Archers. He played another Archers and passed the turn.

Mike made a Pest on his end step and passed his turn without attacking or doing anything. Morgan played a Battlegrowth on his Goblin and shot Mike for two at his end step, then attacked with both Archers on his own turn. Mike instead made some more Pest tokens.

"They're not too pesky at the moment," Morgan agreed with the nearby Brian Kibler.

Mike attacked with both his creatures, but couldn't keep up with Morgan's offense. Morgan shot Mike again with the Goblin, bringing him to 7, then thought about his options during his turn. He attacked with a single Archer, leaving the other back to block. Mike drew his card and realized that he couldn't recover from Morgan's quick offense. He scooped his cards up and went to his sideboard.

Mike Turian 0 - Morgan Douglass 1

Game Two

Both players snuck quick glances at the other match at the end of the table, but quickly got back to the task at hand. Mike decided to play first, and kept his hand. Morgan also kept his. Mike led with a Mountain, and Morgan countered with a forest. Mike's first play of the game was a Silver Myr, which was quickly joined by a Spikeshot Goblin. Morgan found a mountain of his own on his third turn, and then played a Journey of Discovery to get two plains. He discarded an Auriok Transfixer at the end of his turn.

Mike played a Somber Hoverguard and attacked Morgan with the Myr and the Goblin. Morgan, after much thought, played an Arrest on Mike's Spikeshot Goblin. "Poor Spikeshot Goblin," Mike joked, then played another Hoverguard. Morgan, unfazed, played a Tel-Jilad Archers on his turn. Mike next played a Leonin Scimitar and tossed it on his Hoverguard, which attacked for four. Mike also played a Krark-Clan Grunt and passed back. Morgan thought some more as Mike replaced one of the sleeves on a card in his hand. Morgan's side of the board looked pretty sad next to Mike's army. Morgan passed his turn without playing any more creatures.

"Suspicious, I'll be honest," Mike said as he untapped and drew. He played a Regress on Morgan's Archers, then attacked with everything. Morgan played a Soul Nova on Mike's Hoverguard, and went to two. Morgan counted up the damage on the board and said, "You have eight, that's game." He packed up his cards for game three.

Game Three

Mike replaced a bunch of sleeves while he sideboarded. "Suffice to say, I will not be buying this brand again," he joked. Morgan decided to play first, earning a "Tricky!" from Mike. Both players kept their hands, and Morgan led with a forest. Mike had the first creature in play on both sides, a Slith Firewalker. "YAAAAAUUUUUS!" he said joyfully. "Will he go the distance?"

"Unfortunately," Morgan said. He had no creature with which to block, and the Slith got through twice for more and more damage each time.

"The Slith grows and grows," Mike said. He attacked again, and Morgan was forced to let an ever-growing Slith through. However, Morgan, with a sneaky move, played an Arrest on Mike's Slith on his next turn.

"Booooooo," Mike said.

Morgan's only permanent on the board on his next turn was an Icy Manipulator. In contrast, Mike had both Copper and Iron Myrs, a Rustmouth Ogre, and a Krark-Clan Grunt. Morgan was able to slow the bleeding to a trickle, though, through skillful use of the Icy Manipulator and the ever-solid Arrest. Mike, unfazed, played a Lumengrid Augur and passed the turn. Morgan's first creature of the game was an Auriok Bladewarden, lonely without any pals to keep him company.

When Mike declared an attack phase, Morgan tapped the Ogre and blocked the Augur with his Bladewarden. A skillful use of Preadtor's Strike kept the Bladewarden alive for another combat phase. Mike was relentless in his assault, though, and played a Platinum Angel. Morgan countered with a Tel-Jilad Archers. Mike next played a Fireshrieker and counted his cards carefully. He played a Somber Hoverguard, then laid out his creatures in the expected attacking-blocking configuration, counting damage and creatures carefully. "So you could block like that and stay alive..." Mike said to himself.

He equipped the Grunt with the Fireshrieker and attacked with the Angel, the Grunt, and the Rustmouth Ogre. Morgan was completely out of mana for his Icy Manipulator, and after much thought, grudgingly conceded to Mike.

Mike Turian 2 - Morgan Douglass 1

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