Round Nine Feature Match:

Posted in Event Coverage on February 21, 2004

By Rui Oliveira

Put yourself in Rui's shoes for a second here. He has just gone through a very long day fighting hard for his right to be here tomorrow. And now that he's on the final stretch he has just one more hurdle to leap - he has to win one more round. Against Kai Budde. Yup, THAT Kai.

It's as simple as this - winner makes day two, the loser gets to sleep late tomorrow.

Game 1

Malheiro started with Viridian Longbow and Neurok Spy, and Kai answered with Auriok Bladewarden and Neurok Prodigy. The Spy grabbed the Longbow and Electrostatic Bolt took the BladeWarden away.

The Prodigy got a Vulshok Morningstar and Kai dropped Razor Golem. That put an end to Rui's attacks but he used Echoing Ruin to strip the Prodigy of its equipment and shot it down with the Longbow.

Goblin Replica showed up on the Portuguese side but Budde had an answer: Purge. His Razor Golem soon got a big help: Wand of the Elements. Malheiro attacked with his Spy and played Tel-Jilad Outrider

Kai used the Wand to create a flying 2/2 and dropped Goblin Replica. All Malheiro could do was send his Spy in and passed the Longbow. The German turned one Mountain into a 3/3 and sent his whole crew in. Rui Malheiro did the best block he could using all his creatures and the Viridian Longbow to finish of a creature, but still dropped to a mere one life point.

He drew one more card and scooped. He had thirty-nine minutes to win the two remaining games against Kai Budde.

Kai 1 - Rui 0.

Game 2

Neurok Prodigy

Kai started with Bonesplitter, Vulshok Morningstar and Leonin Stinger while Malheiro opened with Copper Myr and Oxidda Golem. Electrostatic Bolt took away the Myr and Rui Malheiro stared at his Echoing Ruin for a few minutes before deciding if he should use it or play Serum Tank first.

He settled with the Tank plan. Budde sent his Stinger in and played a Myr Enforcer. Again Malheiro decided to keep the Ruin back, instead playing his own Myr Enforcer. Kai's Enforcer grabbed the Morningstar and dropped the Portuguese to twelve, before the German dropped Goblin Replica.

Tel-Jilad Archers joined the blocking party on Rui's side and Kai reacted by shifting his equipment around before sending the whole crew in. The Archers ate up the Stinger but the Portuguese still fell to four.

Kai dropped a Razor Golem further messing up Malheiro's plans. The Portuguese was now at four facing three artifact creatures and two equipments with Copper Myr, Myr Enforcer, Tel-JIlad Archers and five lands. He gave the Longbow to the Myr and used Echoing Ruin to kill the Replica.

Kai's Enforcer grabbed the Bonesplitter, the Golem grabbed the Morningstar and they entered the Red Zone. Malheiro quickly blocked and when the dust cleared they had basically traded Myr Enforcers. The Portuguese dropped Tangle Golem.

That pretty muich locked Kai out of the Red Zone. The Myr kept taking potshots with the Longbow as the Portuguese milked the Serum Tank counters he had been accumulating. Then the German drew Spikeshot Goblin.

The Portuguese had Aether Spellbomb in his hand but he didn't have a Blue mana source. So he played and used Goblin Replica to make sure Kai couldn't give both equipments to his Spikey and finish the game on the next turn.

The German gave the remaining equipment to Spikey and played Neurok Prodigy. On the next turn the Portuguese found Barbed Lightning and killed Spikey falling down to one. The Prodigy grabbed the Bonesplitter but Malheiro was ready for it with his Tangle Spider.

Still, Kai Budde isn't a man without luck. He topdecked Wand of Elements and the Portuguese sighed. The first token traded with Goblin Dirigible. The second one got bounced by Aether Spellbomb and Oxidize took away the Wand.

Again the German just shrugged it off. He played Wizard Replica and gave it the Bonesplitter. Malheiro needed a blocker or a way to get it out of the table. He dug with his Tank and found none.

Final result: Kai 2 - Rui 0.

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