Round Nine Feature Match: Joshua Wagener vs. Nate Heiss

Posted in Event Coverage on October 19, 2003

By John Stephens

Josh sat down and started complaining about the Molder Slug that Heiss opened and first picked for the draft.

Josh felt like the draft went terrible for him, as Heiss has the best deck in the draft and he has the worst. "His deck is ridiculous he said."

Nate doesn't know how the draft went for him really. He hopes to do well, but he knows an 8-0 record on day one doesn't make Top 8 on it's own.

The Heiss decided to keep, of course, if you believe Josh then the Heiss can't get a bad hand from his deck. Josh, on the other hand wasn't happy with his initial seven and tossed them back into his library to try again.

Josh decided to keep a six card hand that included only one land, a Mountain, but immediately ripped land number two from his deck and used it to play an Atog. He then ripped land three from his library on turn three to keep from missing any early land drops.

Nate played out three lands and a Talisman of Impulse to get Tel-Jilad Exile on the table by turn three, a turn ahead of schedule, then followed it up with a turn three Fangren Hunter, pushing Josh around until his back was to the ropes.

It was about this time that Josh started to miss land drops, but with four land on the table it appeared that it might not have any affect on his development. Using an Electrostatic Bolt and sacrificing a Great Furnace to his Krark-Clan Grunt he was able to get rid of the Fangren Hunter.

The Heiss, unfazed by its loss, replaced it with another Tel-Jilad Exile, giving himself two regenerating baddies on the table.

"Here he is," Heiss announced as he tapped out and placed Molder Slug on the table.

Josh could do nothing but sacrifice his one artifact, Hematite Golem, on his turn, and then start to suffer from the beatings. The Slug turned sideways with his friends and came into the red zone, and after Josh drew his card he knew it was over, scooping them up and getting ready for game two.

Josh Wagener 0 - Nate Heiss 1

Game Two

Josh looked a little discouraged as the players shuffled up for game two. Game one had taken Heiss all of seven minutes to win, and Josh's prediction about the power of the two players decks appeared to be dead on. He flipped through his Sideboard to pass a little time, added one card and shuffled things up.

Talking about things between games Nate let us in on a little secret; he has five copies of the regenerating Exile, an amazing number when you consider there were two other people drafting green at the table.

The Heiss continued to talk about his Exiles has he drew his opening hand, "The odds are good I have one in my opening hand," he said. This statement proved to be true when he used his Copper Myr to help power it out on turn three. Turn four he used his Copper Myr again, missing a land drop, but it brought out a second Tel-Jilad Exile.

The second Exile was used to chump block an Atog that could have been big before the turn was passed back to Heiss. Heiss looked over the board and saw a great way to deal three damage to Josh, using Shatter to blow up the just played Cathodion and then moving to the attack step. Unable to use three colorless mana for anything in his hand, Josh took three mana burn, running his life total down to 13.

Nate still hadn't found a fourth land by this point, but through the use of his turn two Copper Myr and with the Talisman of Impulse he found on top of his library, his mana count was up to five, and he could now play most of the cards in his deck.

Yotian Soldier hit the table and was equipped with both the Vulshok Gauntlets and the Neurok Hoversail before flying over Josh's defenses and delivering a bit of a wallop to the top of his noggin.

The damage from the Yotian Soldier left Josh with no choice but to turn all of his creatures sideways and put them in the red zone. He was dead next turn from the Yotian Soldier unless he managed to kill Heiss this turn. Nate was at nine life when Josh pushed his Krark-Clan Shaman, Atog, Dross Prowler and Leaden Myr into the red zone.

Copper Myr blocked Dross Prowler, Tel-Jilad Exile blocked Atog and Yotian Soldier hopped in front of the Shaman. Left with no options for victory Josh scooped up his cards.

Josh Wagener 0 - Nate Heiss 2

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