Round Seven Feature Match: Rob Dougherty vs. Joshua Wagener

Posted in Event Coverage on October 18, 2003

By John Stephens

Game One

Josh and Rob sit down for this round seven feature match as two of the few people left in the undefeated bracket.

Josh decided he would hold on to his seven cards while Rob hoped for something new as he tossed them back onto the pile. Some shuffling produced six new cards for Rob and he seemed to be a little happier.

Josh put the first non-land drop on the table when he opened with a Pyrite Spellbomb, showing at least an early splash of red to go with the Plains that he played turn one. Rob placed his first non-land permanent on the table a turn later, the powerful Vulshok Gauntlets.

Rob played a Wizard Replica, and the 1/3 flyer became the highest power creature on the table, and with it’s flying abilities it had the power to even get over Josh’s Steel Wall.

Rob placed the Vulshok Gauntlets on the Goblin War Wagon, a great place for it. The War Wagon will be able to untap under its own ability when Rob pays two mana during his upkeep. This provided him with a great way to get around the doesn’t untap ability of the Vulshok Gauntlets.

Josh tried to even things up a little with a Bonesplitter, which Rob prevented by casting Annul. Moments later Josh tried to get a Talsiman of Dominance on the table but saw that get coutered by the ability of the Wizard Replica.

The now very large Goblin War Wagon started to make regular trips into the red zone. Josh couldn’t really do anything except use his Pearl Shard to prevent some of the damage from the 7/5 monster.

Rob added a Clockwork Vorrac to his side of the table and passed the turn back. Josh was able to set up his survival for one more turn by using Electrostatic Bolt to kill the Clockwork Beastie and playing Skyhunter Patrol to block the Goblin War Wagon.

“I need a creature,” Josh commented as he drew his next card. The Myr Enforcer came down onto the table giving him one more turn to live, but after it died to the Goblin War Wagon Rob added a Fangren Hunter to the table. Josh had no way to survive two creatures again and game one ended.

Rob Dougherty 1 – Josh Wagener 0

Game Two

Between games Josh asked the judge if he could get up to get land. “Can we get an extension for that,” Josh pondered as he asked about it.

Josh seemed unhappy with his seven card hand, complaining of too many Islands. He seemed slightly more content with his six card hand as he dropped an Island and an Aether Spellbomb.

“Don’t do this to me again,” he complained moments later as he played a Mountain. A Copper Myr joined his side of the table as well, but once again he was without blue mana.

Finally Josh found an Island to play and Rob appeared concerned. His concern didn’t last too long as the only thing Josh had to play was the Pearl Scepter. Rob finally found his fifth land and used it to play Fangren Hunter, remarking as he did, “My curve starts at five.”

Josh followed up Rob’s Fangren Hunter with a Steel Wall, insuring that he could block all four damage at least once. Rob decided not to throw the Hunter into the red zone though and instead played a Somber Hoverguard, giving himself the first creature with evasion in this match.

Josh decided evasion was good, and played his own evasive creature, Neurok Spy, to deal some damage to Rob, as well as the Leonin Sun Standard to increase that damage.

Rob pushed his Fangren Hunter and Somber Hoverguard into the red zone, and when combat was completed bemoaned it’s effectiveness. Josh has lost only one life to the Hoverguard because of Pearl Scepter and he had blocked the Hunter with neither the Hunter nor his Steel Wall dying, thanks to the Sun Standard.

Vulshok Gauntlets hit the table on Rob’s side, and after he equipped them to his Hoverguard it went back into the red zone. Josh prevented two more damage and only lost five to the large flyer. Josh tried to fight back against the large flyer by playing Bonesplitter and equipping it to his Neurok Spy. Now both players had a high power creature that the other person couldn’t deal with. If it stayed in a race mode though, it appeared that Josh had a slight advantage, leading the life totals thirteen to seven.

“Not that guy,” Josh mumbled as Rob played one of his bombs; Glissa Sunseeker. She was unable to prevent Rob from dying that turn though, since her ability requires her to tap.

Rob Dougherty 1 – Josh Wagener 1

Game Three

Josh had the quicker start to game three, playing out Vulshok Gauntlets and an Aether Spellbomb before Rob got his first non-land permanent. When Rob played his though it mattered more, as his Goblin Replica hit the table and began to enter the red zone.

Rob tried to play a Crystal Shard to provide protection for his creature, but Josh understood all too well how devastating that could be until he found more land. He countered it will Annul, then played a Skyhunter Patrol to provide a little offense of his own.

His Bonesplitter, which would have make the Patrol nigh unstoppable, was countered by Rob, using Annul. Rob them played a Hematite Golem in an effort to provide some additional pressure.

Neither the Replica or the Golem were much in the way of pressure though as Rob placed the Vulshok Gauntlets on his Patrol, making them a 6.5 first striking blocker.

“I just want land number five,” Josh told Rob. “I don’t even care what color it is.” Josh didn’t find land number five and had to settle for playing the Pyrite Spellbomb he drew. The following turn he got his fifth land, and used it to cast a Somber Hoverguard, to which Rob responded, “That’s good.”

It was so good, as a matter of fact, that Rob killed it immediately with an Electrostatic Bolt. Rob played his own very good creature, Clockwork Vorrac, which Josh liked so much that he cast Domineer on it.

Rob sighed deeply as he played his Myr Enforcer, knowing that he would have to use it to block his own Vorrac, possibly killing them both. The option never came to him though as Josh used an Electrostatic Bolt of his own to kill the Enforcer before swinging at Rob with his own Vorrac.

Josh sent Rob’s Clockwork Vorrac back into the red zone, then used a Shrapnel Blast to finish Rob off.

Rob Dougherty 1 – Josh Wagener 2

Robert Dougherty

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Joshua Wagener

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