Round Seven Feature Match: Thomas Preyer (AUT) vs. Quentin Martin (ENG)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

Now these are two names you might recognize from most European Grand Prixs. The Austrian is playing Blue-White Control and the wild Englishman is playing Red-White Control. Thomas' friends were so excited about the Feature Match they decided to film the whole thing. Honestly, who would film a Magic game?

Game One

Quentin had to take a mulligan, his fourth of the tournament. He kept his second hand and started playing cycling lands, Preyer settled in for the long game playing Islands and Plains followed by a turn three morph.

Martin answered with a morph of his own. Preyer followed with Astral Slide keeping his morph back. The Englishman had different plans and quickly unmorphed his Angel. Thomas answered in kind and for a few useless turns the Angels traded futile blows.

Preyer Stifled Martin's Angel return from the "Slide Zone", keeping it out of the table. Out of creatures and behind on mana, Quentin returned his Dragon to hand. On the next turn he played his own Slide further muddling the game.

They now each had, Slide, Angel and their mana increased every single turn. Things were about to get very tricky. Turn after turn they pushed away the Angels. Their jockeying for the best table position dragged on, thankfully in the midst of their endless banter.

Finally Quentin played Akroma's Vengeance followed by Silver Knight.

Quentin: "I'll give it a try. The Old Knight."
Preyer: "The lady is coming."

Eight mana later he had a legend in on the table, Akroma. Martin had to play another Vengeance, following it with Slide. Preyer played a morph and attacked with it, tricking the Englishman into Sliding away the Angel. That left Preyer with the perfect table to play his own Vengeance.

Again The Austrian played a Slide. This time Quentin had no non-land permanents. The Englishman considered his options and settled on playing Eternal Dragon. By then Thomas knew he had his opponent backpedaling. He used his Eternal Dragon to keep the blocker away and his Angel brought Martin to six.

On the next turn he tried the same trick, Martin tried to answer with Starstorm but Preyer still had a Dragon to save his Angel. The Englishman tried it again, and this time Thomas saved the Angel with Decree of Justice. At six Quentin knew he had to move fast. He tried Akroma's Vengeance and when Preyer showed him a cycling card he conceded.

Thomas 1-0 Quentin.

Game Two

After some complaints about lack of air conditioning, Quentin tried to get the game underway. I said he tried because by his fourth turn he only had Astral Slide on the table. He followed that with a fifth turn morph and Preyer tried to Wipe Clean the Slide. Quentin answered with Oblation, and played another Slide on the following turn.

Preyer came back with his own morph as the game, once again, began to clog up. Continuing his "no enchantment" campaign, the Austrian unmorphed Daru Sanctifier. Quentin took his last chance to unmorph his Angel for free by cycling Akroma's Vengeance. Preyer tried to drop the elbow: Akroma.

Without an immediate answer, Quentin was forced to pass the turn back. Again, Preyer worsened things for him: Astral Slide. At eight Quentin needed to rebuild his plans very carefully because Akroma never shows any signs of mercy. He played a morph but still let Akroma bring him down to two.

The Austrian played another morph and Quentin unmorphed a second Angel. The Englishman knew he was out of it. He gamely played Silver Knight and Lightning Rift but Preyer revealed Chromeshell Crab. Quentin extended his hand.

Final Result:
Thomaas 2-0 Quentin.

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