Round Thirteen Feature Match:

Posted in Event Coverage on January 25, 2004

By Toby Wachter

Tsuyoshi Ikeda made Top 4 at Pro Tour Yokohama, which was a draft event. Showing that he has talent in multiple formats, he's got two matches to go and a shot at the Top 8 of an Extended Grand Prix. He's playing Dancing Ghoul, while his opponent, Asuka Doi, is the lone day two player running Aluren.

Game 1

maggot carrier

Ikeda's Duress revealed two Living Wish, two lands and two Brainstorms. Doi's only green source of mana was the Hickory Woodlot he had played on turn one, so Ikeda had him lose a Brainstorm. He had another Duress on turn two, and this time Doi responded with Brainstorm, which let him protect the cards he wanted to keep. The hand revealed was Polluted Delta, Raven Familiar, two Living Wish and Intuition- the Intuition headed to the graveyard. Doi had Aluren waiting on top of his library and played it, summoned Raven Familiar for free, and had nothing past that. Ikeda cast Vampiric Tutor on end step, getting Burning Wish. He untapped and cast it, getting Cabal Therapy. It was cast naming Living Wish, getting both copies out of Doi's hand and leaving him with only a Chrome Mox in his hand. With the Aluren and seemingly no pieces to go with it, Doi was stalled and Ikeda cast Buried Alive to get Sutured Ghoul and two Cloudscrapers. It seemed the game was ready to end, but Doi had drawn Vampiric Tutor, and used it to get Cavern Harpy. He then went off with the Familiars, getting the Savage and explained that he would win by getting Soul Warden and casting Living Wish to get Maggot Carrier.

Ikeda- 0 Doi- 1

Game 2

Ikeda looked at his opening draw and rubbed his forehead with his hand, staring at the cards as he took a deep breath or two. After a few moments, he quickly sent it back and shuffled up to draw six. He played Duress, seeing a hand of Savage, Familiar, four lands, and a Brainstorm that headed to the graveyard. Doi played Hickory Woodlot, and Ikeda played another Duress, looking at Doi with a "Please tell me you drew something this can hit" expression. Sure enough, Doi had drawn Vampiric Tutor, and Ikeda was extremely vocal expressing how happy it was to have it sent to the graveyard. Doi went searching with the Familiar, and Ikeda cast Vampiric Tutor on end step. He then cast Buried Alive, getting the Cloudscrapers and Ghoul. This left him with only one card in hand, and Doi confidently cast Duress- Ikeda showed him City of Traitors and they both laughed. With Ikeda's strategy stalled, Doi cast a Tutor of his own, and played Aluren. This led to Wirewood Savage and Cavern Harpy, and Ikeda conceded.

Ikeda- 0 Doi- 2

Tsuyoshi Ikeda

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Asuka Doi

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