Round Thirteen Feature Match: Thomas Preyer (AUT) vs. Alexis Dumay (FRA)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 14, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

Two very well known names in European Magic, consistently present in the second day of European Grand Prixs. Here they are again in the table they know so well. Fighting for the Top 8. A win here is crucial.

Game One

They both played Plains, followed by Silver Knight which they promptly traded. Alexis moved on to playing Islands while Preyer started dropping Temples, followed by Astral Slide. Slowly tyhe turns moved along until Dumay played Twisted Abomination. His deck had at least three colors: White, Black and Blue.

The Black monster didn't last long, victim of Wing Shards. Thomas dropped Eternal Dragon and Dumay answered with a cycled Decree of Justice for six. Preyer lent him some tokens.

Thomas: "Those are more impressive than pieces of paper."

The Dragon-Slide duo started hacking away at the incoming tokens while the French dropped another Abomination and his own Dragon. Preyer hid his Dragon under the Slide and used Akroma's Vengeance. A Dragon was now facing an Abomination.

Dumay came right back out, playing another Eternal Dragon and a morph. Again, Thomas Preyer had no wish to fall behind: he slapped Akroma on the table. Dumay took the hit and added another Eternal Dragon to his defensive wall.

The Austrian shrugged and sent both his creatures in. Dumay agonized over the blocks. Both players agreed it was a very complicated situation. The clash was huge Eternal Dragon and Akroma against
two Dragons and Exalted Angel. Akroma died but Preyer army increased: he played Decree of Justice for four.

No, no. I said played. As in "not cycled". That gave him five 4/4 fliers. Thankfully for the French he had Akroma's Vengeance ready to clean the table (leaving only his Twisted Abomination). Preyer tried Eternal Dragon but Alexis Dumay decided that was worht Discombulate. The first four cards where so bad he returned Eternal Dragon during the upkeep and cycled it.

Thomas: "Nothing good?"
Alexis: "Nothing."

Preyer got himself and Angel and set about finishing what Akroma had almost done. One hit brought Dumay to four. Alexis cycled Decree of Silence looking for help and played Akroma's Vengeance. Still it was to no avail.

At the end of the turn Thomas Preyer showed him Decree of Justice with more than enough mana to finish things.

Alexis 1-0 Thomas.

Game Two

Dumay started the game with two mulligans, which is not good news when you are down one game in this kind of match-up. Still, he played a turn three Interrogator. Preyer had to ignore the creature for the time being, instead relying on his Eternal Dragon to improve his mana.

The Interrogator got Akroma's Vengeance, then Akroma itself, then Dragon Scales. Alexis played a second Interrogator walking them both into the second Akroma's Vengeance he had seen on the first activation.

Through this all, Thomas Preyer hardly blinked. He onmly stopped cycling his Dragon to fire Akroma's Vengeance. The game slowed down to a crawl with the only action being the constant comings and goings of the poor Dragon.

Finally Preyer felt confident enough to do something else. He tried Astral Slide only to get Discombulate. he did get a morph on the table, and Dumay answered with Twisted Abomination. The morphed was the expected Angel. With Dragon Scales on it, the creature started working on Dumay's life totals.

Two swings later Dumay knew he had to do something. He played Akroma's Vengeance, saving his Abomination. That just made matters worse. Preyer played Eternal Dragon and gave it TWO Dragon Scales.

To add insult to injury he played Astral Slide. Suddenly The French was in huge trouble. The Dragon brought him to three. He cycled Decree of Justice for four. He untapped and played Akroma's Vengeance.

Again, only the Abomination remained. Again, the Dragon returned and got Scaled. When it attacked on the following turn Alexis cycled two Complicates and still couldn't find any help.

Final result:
Thomas 2-0 Alexis.

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