Saturday, 1:44 p.m. – Metagame of the 40

Posted in Event Coverage on February 15, 2014

By Tobi Henke

"So what are you playing?" is pretty much the standard of polite small talk this morning, the question players have been asking each other over and over during the early rounds of the tournament. We've done some snooping too, and can already tell you what decks some of the bigger names in the room are playing. Well, we could, but we don't want to spoil anyone's fun, so we're just going to give you a deck archetype breakdown.

6 UWR Stoneblade/Delver
6 BUG Delver
6 Storm
3 Death and Taxes
3 Elves
3 WUBG Deathblade (Stoneblade splashing green for Deathrite Shaman)
2 BURG Delver
2 Miracles
2 Sneak & Show
2 Stoneblade
1 Maverick
1 Merfolk
1 Omni-Tell
1 RUG Delver
1 UR Delver

These are the decks played by the following group of people, including a Hall of Famer, several Pro Tour and Grand Prix champions, and also known Legacy experts like Thomas Enevoldsen, Fabian Görzgen, or Julian Knab who won the Bazaar of Moxen tournament here in Paris three months ago.

Bastos, Frederico
Björklund, Rasmus
Bonde, Michael
Brunner, Christopher
Calcano, Christian
Dagen, Pierre
Damo da Rosa, Paulo Vitor
Darras, Alexandre
Deltour, Louis
DeTora, Melissa
Dezani, Jérémy
Enevoldsen, Thomas
Fortier, Remi
Ganz, Andreas
Görzgen, Fabian
Gregoir, Christophe
Guthmann, Yann
Knab, Julian
Kaschapow, Marcel
Klocker, Elias
Koch, Florian
Krautmann, Wenzel
Kuo, Tzu Ching
Larsson, Joel
Li, Bo
Lippi, Alessandro
Mackl, Valentin
Mayer, Manuel
Moral, Carlos
Portaro, Alessandro
Robb, Justin
Romanchuk, Alexey
Schultze, Max
Schünemann, Timo
Shrout, Andrew‏
Sim, Chapman
Sommen, Pierre
Thiel, Michael
Thießen, Hove
van der Vegt, Jan

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