Saturday, 1:55 p.m. – Metagame of the Three-and-a-Half Percent

Posted in Event Coverage on January 11, 2014

By Tobi Henke

With roughly 1,400 players in the tournament, we can't possibly give you a complete rundown of what deck archetypes are being played today. However, we checked with 49 of the more well-known players in the tournament and now know what each and every one of them is playing. For reference, here's the player list:

Fabrizio Anteri
Frederico Bastos
Rasmus Bjorklund
Ondrej Baudys
Lukas Blohon
Michael Bonde
Petr Brozek
Joel Calafell
Stanislav Cifka
Marco Cammilluzzi
Pierre Dagen
Fabian Dickmann
Patrick Dickmann
Jérémy Dezani
Mark Dictus
Thomas Enevoldsen
Samuele Estratti
Daniel Fior
Ivan Floch
Emanuele Giusti
Tobias Grafensteiner
Steve Hatto
Thomas Holzinger
Martin Jůza
Lukas Jaklovsky
Robert Jurkovic
Gabor Kocsis
Florian Koch
Jonas Köstler
Adorjan Korbl
Wenzel Krautmann
Raphaël Lévy
Vincent Lemoine
Andre Müller
Valentin Mackl
Robbert Menten
Tamas Nagy
Elie Pichon
Florian Pils
Alessandro Portaro
Niv Shmuely
Max Sjoblom
Marcin Staciwa
Robin Steinborn
Petr Sochurek
Shahar Shenhar
Jan van der Vegt
Arjan van Leeuwen
Matej Zatlkaj

To not spoil their fun, we won't publish the info on everyone's deck at this point. However, here's a breakdown of this 49-person metagame:

8 Affinity
7 Birthing Pod
7 Splinter Twin
5 Jund
4 Junk
4 Merfolk
4 Scapeshift
2 Green-White
2 Urzatron
1 Storm
1 Burn
1 Brozek Deck Wins
1 "Tin Fists" (check coverage later)
1 Jund/Junk hybrid
1 Blue-White-Red

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