Saturday, 3:33 p.m. – Color Math

Posted in Event Coverage on March 1, 2014

By Tobi Henke

"Which color do you split?" Since most Team Sealed pools necessitate the building of three two-color decks and there are only five colors in Magic, teams usually have to divide the cards of one color among two decks. So ... which one?

After talking to a number of players we can report a general consensus for the Born of the Gods/Theros format and that is: "We split blue or red." It's interesting to note, however, that most people don't consider either one of those the environment's strongest colors. Instead, they usually provide the supporting cast, while white, black, and green cards tend to take the lead.

White generally builds the basis for an extremely aggressive heroic strategy and is regularly a team's number-one deck in terms of simple power-level. The need to mix a lot of creatures with a lot of beneficial targeted effects here seldomly leaves room for other things, so removal or defensive cards need to find a home elswhere. That makes white the ideal partner for one subset of the red or blue cards.

Then there's black which not only sports some of the more interesting devotion cards, Gray Merchant of Asphodel in particular, but also requires a heavy investment of colored mana for cards like Pharika's Cure or even Asphyxiate. This makes black another natural choice for main color and largely stops it from being divided between decks.

Finally, green offers a broad base of creatures, mostly of the bigger, and consequently slower, variety. As such it's a perfect fit for specifically those blue or red cards that the white deck has no use for.

And that's your Born of the Gods/Theros Team Sealed format in a nutshell. But of course there are always pools which don't allow players to simply follow a pre-set plan and there are always rewards for people who can come up with creative solutions.

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