Saturday, July 23: 4:13p.m. – Round 6: M12 Draft with Aaron Nicoll

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Aaron Nicoll has been very quietly tearing up small parts of the Australian Magic scene over the last few years. After a top 8 at Nationals in 2009, he went on to get a taste of the big time at Worlds in Rome. He's also competed at Pro Tour San Juan, and made day two at Pro Tour Nagoya.

Aaron headed into the draft portion of this event at 3-0. He first picked a Merfolk Looter over a Solemn Simulacrum and an Aven Fleetwing, and followed it with a Gravedigger over a Mana Leak. His third pick was devoid of anything playable in Blue or Black, but did have an Angelic Destiny and an Assault Griffin. Taking the Angelic Destiny, he headed into White. Unfortunately, the leftover Assault Griffin also put Jack Ding downwind of Aaron into White as well. Feeding Aaron was Luke Mulcahy, who was solidly in Red/Green.

Pack two gave Aaron a Gideon's Lawkeeper, and sent a Volcanic Dragon up to Luke. Jack took a Pacifism over an Incinerate, indicating that White could be a little tight in this direction. Aaron still managed to pick up a few solid team-player cards, like an Assault Griffin of his own, and another Aven Fleetwing. Meanwhile, Jack solidified himself in Red/White with a third-pick Fireball.

Aaron Nicoll between Luke Mulcahy on the left, and Jack Ding on the right.

Going into pack three, Aaron's deck wanted a little more substance, and he wasn't disappointed. Well, he wouldn't have been disappointed if he had been allowed to keep the whole pack, anyway. On the grounds he wasn't allowed to keep the whole pack, he eventually elected to send an Archon of Justice and a Pacifism to Jack, and kept a Mind Control for himself. Luke then passed Aaron an Oblivion Ring.

His third pick in the final pack was interesting, taking a Timely Reinforcements over a second Merfolk Looter. I asked Aaron about this afterwards. "I would do it again, every time," he stated. "This format is fast enough that if you're even a little bit behind, this puts you way ahead."

Both Aaron and Luke won their first two draft round matches, and met in round six. Aaron managed to take control of the match (as well as a few of Luke's creatures) with his Mind Control. In game two, taking the Volcanic Dragon he passed to Luke, and protecting it from back to back Stingerfling Spiders with a Cancel and a sideboarded Flashfreeze.

Luke Mulcahy stares down Aaron Nicoll.

Aaron Nicoll – M12 Draft 3 – 0

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