Sealed Deck: Sam Lau

Posted in Event Coverage on March 29, 2003

By Dan Gow

The first thing you notice when you speak to the Mild-mannered Sam Lau is that he is so easy going. The winner at the 2000 Singapore Grand Prix comes acroos as someone who is genuinely hap tobe here having fun.

As for his deck, it seems to be tight , running of a veryy strong mana curve.

" I built it to beat the bomb decks" he muses, unable to show me any huge monster in his arsenal. The deck itself hs a good quick curve combined with efficient removal, it's R/B build reflecting the 2 main colours that are derived frm this format. "They are the only colours playable – you can't put anyting truly tribal together in sealed"

With shock, Cruel Revival, Pinpoint Avalanche and Threaten he is looking to not let hi opponent's get their pit fighters into play. "Threaten is good against bombs, and with Krosan Vorine as a common it is now an excellent card".

But taking a closer look at the deck he is possibly selling himself short – admitting he definitely has a chance late in the game with 2 Flamewave Invokers and a Slate of Ancestry. But when pushed, he admit's that he would be happy with 6-1 (3 byes) heading into tomorrow - "There are a lot of great decks out there".

Well.... Good luck Sam!

Sam Lau

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