Posted in Event Coverage on November 23, 2014

By Josh Bennett

In a limited format as wide-open as Khans of Tarkir, the question of what makes a winning sealed deck is not an easy one to answer. In an attempt to cast some light on the subject, we've gone through the many, many Trial-winning sealeds, and selected one to represent each clan. Look at the pool the player had to build from, and cast a critical eye on the decisions he or she made to arrive at this winning build. Did bombs drive construction? A wealth of top-quality commons? How stretched was the mana? Also included is the lesser-known sixth clan, The Clan of the Artist, represented by Adam Boyling's 5-Color build. When you have a full palette to choose from, how do you decide what makes the cut?

John Brott - Abzan

Dante Brown-Fucci - Jeskai

Eric Seltler - Mardu

Jon Courcelles - Temur

Lucas Giuliam - Sultai

Adam Boyling - 5-Color