Second Draft: Kasuyuki Momose

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Akira AsaharaWYuusuke Wakisaka
Shinsuke Hayashi Katsuhiro Mori
Yuusuke Sasaki Kazuyuki Momose
Tsuyoshi IkedaNoriaki Masui
  • Akira Asahara is a member of the Hachiouji Clan, the designer of the Zombie Prison deck Kazuaki Arahori used to win GP Sendai. His best performance to date is making Top 8 of the 2001 Finals. His speciality is Constructed.
  • Katushiro Mori: Fresh off his GP Nagoya win, the Rookie of the Year is looking for another title.
  • Kazuyuki Momose: The only member of Panzer Hunter left withing striking distance of the Top 8, Momose is doing especially well today, in spite of his claim of not having practiced for the event.
  • Tsuyoshi Ikeda: The highest-ranking Japanese player at PT Osaka, Ikeda is one of the members of the old guard looking for a title.
  • Shinsuke Hayashi: Made Top 4 at GP Hong Kong, his first premiere event.


1st pick: Second Thoughts. Other choices: Dreamwinder, Dusk Imp (All in all, not a very strong pack.)
2nd pick: Aven Cloudchaser. Other choices: Afflict, Cephalid Scout, Elephant Ambush
3rd pick: Lithatog. Other choices: Aven Fisher, EmboldenMorbid Hunger
4th pick: Shelter. Other choices: Chamber of Manupulation, AEther Burst, Syncopate. As one might guess from his card selection, Momose seems to deliberately be avoiding blue.
5th pick: Angelic Wall. Other choices: Barbarian Lunatic, Dwarven Strike Force. Momose later said that since at this point he was planning on moving away from white, he should have taken one of the red cards.
6th pick: Firebolt. Other choices: Psychatog, Dreamwinder
7th pick: Zombie Assassin
8th pick: Aven Cloudchaser. Other choices: Pilgrim of Virtue 9th pick: Dwarven Recruiter
10th pick: Ravaged Highlands
11th pick: Escape Artist
12th pick: Thermal Blast
13th pick: Touch of Invisibility
14th pick: Peek
15th pick: Tremble

Although before the draft he said UW was his primary choice, Momose seems to be actively avoiding those cards, instead chosing RGW. Is he planning to concentrate on RG in Torment and avoid a fight over blue?


1st pick: Major Teroh. Other choices: Centaur Chieftain, Crippling Fatigue. Momose continues to pick white over any other color. Perhaps he thinks he can succeed where Zvi failed?
2nd pick: Nantuko Cultivator. Other choices: Soul Scourge. By picking the Cultivator, it looks like Momose has lost any strategy he may have had, and is just going after good cards from the pack.
3rd pick: Fiery Temper. Other choices: Skywing Aven
4th pick: Fiery Temper
5th pick: Longhorn Firebeast
6th pick: Crackling Club. Other choices: Flash of Defiance, Ghostly Wings
7th pick: Flash of Defiance
8th pick: Militant Monk
9th pick: Militant Monk
10th pick: Floating Shield
11th pick: Pay No Heed
12th pick: Pay No Heed
13th pick: Accelerate
14th pick: Equal Treatment
15th pick: Invigorating Falls

Altogether, it's hard to fathom what Momose is trying to do. Of couse, two Fiery Tempers are strong in any deck, but RW is not exactly one of the optimum combinations in Odyssey block. With Wakisaka, Mori, and Masui all going black-green, the two people at the table drafting white and red--including Momose--should expect big things from Judgment.


1st pick: Phantom Nomad. Other choices: Wormfang Drake
2nd pick: Unquestioned Authority. Other choices: Wormfang Drake
3rd pick: Vigilant Sentry
4th pick: Vigilant Sentry. Picking up two of these is an interesting choice--sure, once you hit threshold they're powerful, but RW is generally not set up to be an enabler of threshold.
5th pick: Phantom Nomad
6th pick: Vigilant Sentry
7th pick: Prismatic Strands. Other choices: Guided Strike 8th pick: Phantom Nomad. Is he trying to build a constructed deck with multiples of the same card?
9th pick: Ember Shot
10th pick: Ember Shot
11th pick: Web of Inertia
12th pick: Benevolent Bodyguard
13th pick: Liberated Dwarf
14th pick: Flaring Pain
15th pick: Wormfang Newt

Faced with few options, Momose has essentially drafted a monowhite deck. He'll want to aim for threshold as much as he can to fully reallize the potential of his multiple Vigilant Sentries, but without Lithatog, that's a tall order.

Kazuyuki Momose

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