Second Draft: Katsuhiro Mori

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2002

By Kouichirou Maki


  Akira Asahara Yuusuke Wakisaka  
Shinsuke Hayashi     Katsuhiro Mori
Yuusuke Sasaki     Kazuyuki Momose
  Tsuyoshi Ikeda Noriaki Masui  

Quick Interview

Sideboard: "What colors are you hoping to draft?"
Mori: Red-green."

Sideboard: "What card from Judgment do you most want to draft?"
Mori: "Elephant Guide."


1st pick: Metamorphic Wurm. Other choices: Elephant Ambush, Cephalid Scout
2nd pick: Rabid Elephant. Other choices: Morbid Hunger, Lithatog, Embolden
3rd pick: Nantuko Disciple. Other choices: AEther Burst, Chamber of Manipulation, Syncopate
4th pick: Diligent Farmhand. Other choices: Dwarven Strike Force, Barbarian Lunatic, Angelic Wall
5th pick: Seton's Desire. Other choices: Firebolt, Psychatog, Dreamwinder
6th pick: Morbid Hunger. Other choices: Zombie Assassin, Cartographer
7th pick: Shelter. Other choices: Last Rites, Aven Cloudchaser
8th pick: Bog Wreckage
9th pick: Reckless Charge
10th pick: Sungrass Egg
11th pick: Filthy Cur. Other choices: Thermal Blast

Sticking with his plan, Mori is concentrating on green. Unfortunately, he'll be fighting Wakisaki for it, who committed to green early with a Squirrel Nest. His second color, black, is also being cut off upstream, but with the switched rotation for the second pack, Mori will be to grab the juicy black that Torment is sure to offer. Luckily, Momose is focussing on RW, meaning he won't have to fight over black with anyone to his left.

Mori set his feet firmly on the green path with his third pick. Rather than picking any of the strong blue cards in that pack and branching into that color, he stuck with his plan to draft green and took the Disciple. Also, if he let a powerful card like that go by, he'd been sending confusing signals to the people down the line.

He was faced with another decision with the fourth pack, which contained two decent red creatures. Although he told us before the draft he wanted to draft GR, for whatever reason he chose to stick with green. He eventually committed to black as his second color, with the 6th pick Morbid Hunger too good to pass up.


1st pick: Crippling Fatigue. Other choices: Breakthrough, Basking Rootwalla
2nd pick: Centaur Chieftain. Other choices: Crippling Fatigue, Strength of Lunacy
3rd pick: Soul Scourge. Other choices: Acorn Harvest
4th pick: Anurid Scavenger. Other choices: Mystic Familiar, Krosan Restorer, Skywing Aven
5th pick: Strength of Lunacy. Other choices: Mystic Familiar
6th pick: Last Laugh
7th pick: Putrid Imp. Other choices: Floating Shield, Krosan Constrictor, Ghostly Wings
8th pick: Ghostly Wings. Other choices: Crackling Club
9th pick: Rancid Earth. Other choices: Sonic Seizure
10th pick: Krosan Restorer
11th pick: Putrid Imp
12th pick: Krosan Restorer

Expecting to pick up a plethora of strong black cards in Torment, Mori was disappointed, with the only cards really worth mentioning being Crippling Fatigue and Last Laugh, although he was able to pick up some decent support cards like Krosan Restorer and the Imp.


1st pick: Elephant Guide. Other choices: Wormfang Drake
2nd pick: Toxic Stench
3rd pick: Grizzly Fate
4th pick: Harvester Druid. Other choices: Crush of Wurms
5th pick: Ironshell Beetle. Other choices: Anurid Barkripper
6th pick: Arcane Teachings. Other choices: Anurid Barkripper
7th pick: Border Patrol
8th pick: Venomous Vines
9th pick: Venomous Vines

Mori's strategy for Judgment could be summed up as: If your creatures aren't big enough to begin with, pump, pump, pump them up!

Katsuhiro Mori

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