Second Draft: Tsuyoshi Ikeda

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2002

By Sideboard Staff


Akira AsaharaYuusuke Wakisaka
Shinsuke Hayashi Katsuhiro Mori
Yuusuke Sasaki Kazuyuki Momose
Tsuyoshi IkedaNoriaki Masui

With all the members having a chance to make Top 8, Table 2 of the second draft drew quite a crowd. Ikeda was especially serious--if he gets two wins, he's practically assured a spot in the playoffs. Renewing his commitment to Magic after placing 13th at PT Osaka, Ikeda says he has practiced drafting, hoping to have his first Top 8 since 2000 Nationals.


1st pick: Overrun. Other choices: Morbid Hunger, Mindslicer
2nd pick: Muscle Burst. Other choices: Nomad Decoy, Ghastly Demise
3rd pick: Dreamwinder.
4th pick: Cephalid Scout.
5th pick: Aven Fisher.
6th pick: Chamber of Manipulation. Other choices: Syncopate, AEther Burst.
7th pick: Innocent Blood.
8th pick: Psychatog.
9th pick: Cartographer.
10th pick: Pilgrim of Virtue.
11th pick: Thought Nibbler.
12th pick: Thought Nibbler.
13th pick: Seafloor Debris.
14th pick: Demolish.
15th pick: Lava Blister.


1st pick: Hydromorph Gull. Other choices: Skywing Aven
2nd pick: Ghostly Wings. Other choices: Hydromorph Guardian
3rd pick: Waste Away. Other choices: Liquify, Coral Net
4th pick: Guzigost.
5th pick: Basking Rootwalla.
6th pick: Korasan Restorer.
7th pick: Hydromorph Guardian.
8th pick: Churning Eddy.
9th pick: Far Wanderings.
10th pick: Invigorating Falls.
11th pick: Spirit Flare.
12th pick: Churning Eddy.
13th pick: Cephalid Vandal.
14th pick: Kamahl's Sledge.
15th pick: Centaur Veteran.


1st pick: Scalpelexis. Other choices: Cephalid Inkshrouder
2nd pick: Sudden Strength.
3rd pick: Wormfang Drake.
4th pick: Wormfang Drake.
5th pick: Cephalid Inkshrouder. Other choices: Keep Watch
6th pick: Keep Watch.
7th pick: Nullmage Advocate.
8th pick: Devy Gravity. Other choices: Battlefield Scrounger
9th pick: Anurid Barkripper. Other choices: Cephalid Inkshrouder
10th pick: Keep Watch.
11th pick: Swirling Sandstorm. Other choices: Wormfang Newt 12th pick: Grip of Amnesia.
13th pick: Envelop.
14th pick: Venomous Vines.
15th pick: Soulgorger Orgg.

After the draft, Ikeda commented that "I got lucky--the first pack from each set was really strong." Starting with an Overrun, he committed to green and was able to stick to it, having a relatively easy draft.

Tsuyoshi Ikeda

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