As Seen at E3

Posted in Event Coverage on May 13, 2004

By Scott Johns

As lunchtime rolled around Aaron and I knew it was time to get out of this booth and go explore the frenetic madness that is e3. The ensuing two hours are already a blur of packed crowds, throbbing music, towering displays, and more plasma screens per square foot than I will probably ever see again as long as I shall live. Here's what we can show you from our wild adventures.

This one pretty much sets the tone for the whole experience, whether you're a monster or a human.


There are countless displays and booths for all the video games out there, and many of them come fully stocked with costumed actors who are more than happy to pose for a snapshot...


...and some are more popular than others. (This one is for "Playboy: the Mansion" and no, I'm not making that up.) Actually, despite all the people standing around this one there were surprisingly few willing to step up and get their picture taken. What can I say, I'm fearless. (Or Aaron pushed me. You decide.)


Speaking of popular, this booth had one of the longest lines. Yup, that's a tank of wriggling roaches. You reach into it and get a token from under them, then get a prize based on the color of the token. Oh, the things people will do for a free T-Shirt.


Aaron: "I think you can probably make a video game out of anything…"


Throughout the maze of booths and displays the focus is always the games. Everywhere you look there are endless rows of screens staffed by friendly employees who can show you the ropes. (After just a few minutes Aaron was only getting chopped up by the bad guys most of the time.)


Enormous screens loom above the madness, featuring non-stop game play and movie-style previews. (This one is Mattias and I watching a preview and shaking our heads in wonder at the insane graphics.)


More than anything else, e3 is a riot of sensory overload. This set of booths is actually not too far from where the Magic Invitational is being held.


Okay, you're on to us. Aaron and I are actually bored out of our skulls here and just pretending to do interesting things to keep you entertained and allow you to live the dream vicariously through us. See how bored Aaron looks?

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