Semi Final Feature Match: Bryce Trevilyan vs Chris Allen

Posted in Event Coverage on May 29, 2003

By Joe Connolly

Trevilyan’s Black/Blue/Green Opposition deck had to beat Blue/Green madness to get to this stage, and Chris Allen’s Red/Green defeated Mono Black Control. Neither had made previously made it this far at an event like this, and both were eager to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Game 1

Allen won the die roll and chose to play first. He returned the hand 2 Mountain, Forest, Grim Lavamancer, Phantom Centaur, Elephant Guide, Violent Eruption. His second hand was not much better: Karplusan Forest, Mountain, Elephant Guide, Volcanic Hammer, Violent Eruption, Phantom Centaur. Trevilyan kept his seven cards and the game began. Trevilyan replied to Allen’s first turn Karplusan with Forest, Birds of Paradise. The Birds were Volcanic Hammered. Trevilyan simply played Polluted Delta and passed the turn. Allen missed his third land drop, and played out a Basking Rootwalla. Trevilyan played out a City of Brass and a Shadowmage Infiltrator. Allen didn’t draw a land and could only attack with the Rootwalla for 3. Trevilyan attacked with the Infiltrator and played out a Braids, Cabal Minion. The Rootwalla was sacrificed to Braids. Allen drew his third land and Firebolted the Braids. The Infiltrator attacked again, and Trevilyan cast a Call of the Herd, holding 2 Smothers in hand. Allen killed the Infiltrator with Volcanic Hammer and passed the turn. The Call was flashed back and the token attacked, and coupled with pain from Karplusan Forest, Allen was on 12. Allen cast a Call of his own, which was Smothered. Trevilyan’s 2 tokens brought Allen down to 6.

Allen cast Violent Eruption killing a token and a bird. Trevilyan had a heavy land draw, but it looked good enough as his token took Allen down to 3. Allen’s Wooded Foothills took him to 2, and he finally cast the Phantom Centaur he had been holding all game, with a Guide and Firebolt in hand. Trevilyan drew into another Infiltrator, cast it and passed the turn. Allen needed to draw a land to cast and flash back Firebolt at the Infiltrator, but could only draw Llanowar Elves. He attacked with Centaur, taking Trevilyan to 9, and finally exerting some serious pressure. He flashed back Call and cast the Elf he just drew, enough to withstand a hit from Smother and potentially win the next turn with a counterattack. Trevilyan had a Smother for the token. And one for the Elf.

Trevilyan 1 – Allen 0

Allen: - 4 Basking Rootwalla + 2 Compost +1 Phantom
Centaur +1 Violent Eruption
Trevilyan: - 2 Cabal Therapy – 4 Braids, Cabal Minion
– 2 Shadowmage Infiltrator + 4 Faceless Butcher + 1
Phantom Centaur + 4 Ravenous Baloth

Game 2

Trevilyan commented that he was willing to keep land heavy hands to support his deck’s heavy coloured mana requirements, so he was happy with the 4 lands and the Birds of Paradise that he drew in his opening hand. Allen was also happy with the Llanowar Elves and three Calls of the Herd in his hand. A first turn Llanowar Elves on Allen’s side was met with a first turn Birds of Paradise. Allen then started casting his Calls. Trevilyan cast Squirrel Nest on his second turn. Turn 3 saw a second Call for Allen and he attacked for 4 with the first token and an Elf. Trevilyan could only draw Birds of Paradise to match the 2 lands he had previously drawn. Allen attacked with both tokens, and Trevilyan went to 11 after a squirrel token blocked. Allen cast his third Call and a Grim Lavamancer. Trevilyan asked his deck for assistance and was given a Faceless Butcher which took out a token. Allen drew a Volcanic Hammer, and attacked with his 2 Call tokens. Trevilyan double blocked a token with the Butcher and a squirrel, and Allen shot the squirrel token with the Lavamancer. The Volcanic Hammer went to the head, taking Trevilyan down to 5. Trevilyan only managed to draw a Forest and passed the turn. Allen drew his fourth Call, which drew a chuckle from the spectators. He attacked with the token and a squirrel and a Bird both blocked. The Call entered play and Trevilyan needed a miracle to survive. His deck could only offer a Smother, and it was on to game 3.

Trevilyan 1 – Allen 1

Allen returned 2 Composts to his sideboard, in exchange for 2 Naturalizes. Trevilyan doesn’t change his setup.

Game 3

Trevilyan liked his opening hand of Swamp, Island, Underground River, Phantom Centaur, Smother and 2 Faceless Butcher. Allen’s hand of Mountain, Karplusan Forest, Wild Mongrel, Volcanic Hammer, Naturalize, Firebolt, Grim Lavamancer was equally acceptable.

Allen played a turn 1 Lavamancer and turn 2 Mongrel, and it wasn’t until the Mongrel was Smothered in the next attack phase that Trevilyan cast a spell. Allen had no turn 3 play. Trevilyan missed playing a second green source to cast the Phantom Centaur in his hand and could only play a Darkwater Catacombs and pass the turn. Allen had no turn 4 play and continued attacking with the Lavamancer. Trevilyan ripped a City of Brass and cast Squirrel Nest, which was Naturalized. Allen’s hand of Elephant Guide, Volcanic Hammer and Violent Eruption was looking slow, so he tried to force the issue by Guiding up the Lavamancer. The squirrel blocked it and a Faceless Butcher soon dealt with the Guide. Allen drew a second Lavamancer and Volcanic Hammered the Butcher. Trevilyan finally cast the Phantom Centaur, but Allen drew Firebolt, which combined with the 2 Lavamancers to kill the Centaur. Trevilyan played an Elf and an Opposition, which was looking fairly poor with only the Elf to support it. Allen attacked with the 2 Lavamancers and played a Phantom Centaur of his own. Trevilyan cast his second Butcher targeting a Lavamancer, and adding another body on to the table for Opposition. Trevilyan tapped both of Allen’s creatures, but Allen again had the answer and tapped to cast Violent Eruption and clear the board!

“That’s pretty bad” – Bryce Trevilyan

Trevilyan drew a Birds of Paradise, which tapped Phantom Centaur for a turn. Allen then cast Call of the Herd. Trevilyan drew his ninth land for the game and Elephant Guide on the Centaur sealed the game.

Trevilyan 1 – Allen 2

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