Semifinal – Allison Abe vs. Anton Jonsson

Posted in Event Coverage on August 29, 2010

By Tobi Henke

Both players started blisteringly fast with creatures on their very first turns: Jonsson cast Elite Vanguard, Abe Llanowar Elves. Jonnson had Infantry Veteran next, while Abe accelerated into Cloud Elemental. Jonsson cast Excommunicate on the Elves and Abe had to replay them.

Now both players summoned one Water Servant each. Jonsson returned the Servant with another Excommunicate and attacked with his own. He pumped his Servant, just to have it bounced by Unsummon. Abe replayed it, Jonsson however tapped four mana and played one of the two cards in his hand...

"Oh no, I played the wrong card!" Jonsson exclaimed, as he looked at his Ajani Goldmane in shocked surprise. He agonized over his options and just gained 2 with Ajani's first ability. "That was so terrible. I just picked the wrong card." With the Water Servant still in his hand, the Swede couldn't even protect his Planeswalker from Abe's attacking Cloud Elemental, Water Servant, and Llanowar Elves. He blocked the latter with his Elite Vanguard and chumped the Servant with Infantry Veteran. Postcombat Abe summoned Giant Spider. Jonsson finally cast that Water Servant, and used Ajani Goldmane to put a counter on it.

Allison Abe

He was still shaking his head about the accidental misplay, when Abe had a second Unsummon to take the game.

Allison Abe 1 – 0 Anton Jonsson

In the second game neither player had anything for the first two turns, and on turn three Jonsson only cast the lowly Infantry Veteran. His next turn, however increased the pressure considerably, with another Infantry Veteran as well as Æther Adept to bounce Abe's first creature, Scroll Thief.

Abe replaced it with Water Servant, while Jonsson cast Foresee and attacked for 4.

Abe summoned Spined Wurm, but Jonsson had Excommunicate at the ready, and Flashfreeze when the Wurm tried for a comeback. Meanwhile, Water Servant went on a little offense himself, so Abe was left without blockers when Jonsson cast Ajani Goldmane. All of Jonsson's creatures, one Æther Adept and two Infantry Veterans, turned into 3/3s, the latter by virtue of, for once, using their own tap ability on themselves.

Allison Abe 1 – 1 Anton Jonsson

Anton Jonsson

"Uh. Nice curve," was the first contribution Abe could make in the third game. Jonsson had just cast Elite Vanguard on turn one and followed it up with Stormfront Pegasus, while Abe passed his third turn without even as much as a land drop. He did have an Unsummon and topdecked Llanowar Elves to slow things down a little. But by then the Elves already had to block Elite Vanguard, and Jonsson's beatdown didn't miss a beat with Cloud Elemental.

The Elemental received an Unsummon as well, but was recast along with a brand-new Infantry Veteran. Things turned from bad to desolate for Abe: One look at Ajani Goldmane was enough and he offered his hand in concession.

Allison Abe 1 – 2 Anton Jonsson

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