Semifinal Draft: Object of Affection vs. Ace Ten Off

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Mattias Jorstedt

The members of these two teams are all very well known. Object of Affection are Jens Thoren, Anton Jonsson and Tomi Walamies. Ace Ten Off are Jon Finkel with Eric Froehlich and Kamiel Cornelissen.

The Draft:

It was decided that Ace Ten Off should start and as the pro he is Finkel opened a Mistform Skyreaver and Efro got a shock. Tomi took a Crown of Suspicion signaling black, Jens got an Aven Soulgazer and the Anton picked Choking Tethers. In the second pack Efro slammed a Silvos and passed cards that Tomi, Jens and Anton picked to go with a GB strategy in seat A, WB in seat B and UR in seat C. In packs three and four Anton received two Sparksmiths but had to see Death Match go all the way to Eric Froehlich. It could have been a good time to switch from RG to GB or GB splash red but in the end Eric choose to go RG and the Death Match ended up in his sideboard. The fifth pack that Anton opened was full of bombs and he chose Quicksilver Dragon passing among other things Centaur Glade to Ace Ten Off. After the first pack everyone had pretty much settled into their colors Kamiel RB, Finkel UW and Efro RG.

Legions have really strong white cards and Jens Thoren managed to get 3 Aven Redeemer for his WB cleric/soldier deck that should be really good versus Finkel's Blue White soldier deck. Kamiel managed to get two Skirk Marauders and two Sootfeather Flock that could be important as Tomi didn't get any Needleshot Gourna for his slower GB deck. Anton managed to find more blue filers for his UR deck and also picked an Imperial Hellkite to go with his Quicksilver Dragon. Efro also got an Imperial Hellkite and more ways to deal with Anton's two Sparksmith.

In Scourge Efro managed to get another broken green creature Forgotten Ancient and a Fierce Empath to tutor for his Silvos. Anton got two Torrent of Fire and a Rush of Knowledge that among other things work pretty well with the Zombie Cutthroat that he received. Kamiel got a twisted abomination that should be really good versus Tomi and Tomi chose to splash blue for a Rush of Knowledge that could win him the game if he manages to survive the early Onslaught. Both Finkel and Jens picked up more flyers for their decks.

Both teams worked well together and it will be interesting to see how the matchups go. I think that the three Aven Redeemer Jens picked up will win him the match against Finkel. If Efro manages to draw lands his Centaur Glade and Silvos should be devastating against Anton's UR deck so the deciding match would be Kamiel versus Tomi. I think that Kamiel's deck will win in the end and Ace Ten Off will defeat Object of Affection with 2-1

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