Semifinal Draft: Shenanigans vs. YMG/Illuminati

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Ted Knutson

All of the members of this semi-final are experienced, but YMG/Illuminati is the team with the longest track record of success in team formats. Though they haven't done particularly well in solo events lately, they have again proven to be masters of team events.

Their opponents are nearly as well-known, though their lineage doesn't extend quite as far back. Composed of Pro Tour Winner Osyp Lebedowicz, Togit co-owner Patrick Sullivan, and consistent Pro Adam Horvath, Shenanigans managed to improve on Team Togit's performance of a year ago (5th), and won their last match to slide into the last Top 4 slot.

Seat A - Darwin Kastle
Seat B - Rob Dougherty
Seat C - Alex Shvartsman

Seat A - Adam Horvath
Seat B - Osyp Lebedowicz
Seat C - Patrick Sullivan

Packs 1 through 6 and 13 through 18 from left to right, while packs 7 through 12 go from right to left. The first pick of each pack is denoted in bold.

  Rob Dougherty Alex Shvartzman Adam Horvath Osyp Patrick Sullivan Darwin Kastle
Pack 1 Loxodon Warhammer Altar's Light Consume Spirit Irradiate Tel-Jilad Chosen Elf Replica
  Hematite Golem Titanium Golem Auriok Transfixer Slagwurm Armor Viridian Joiner Wurmskin Forger
Pack 2 Thoughtcast Solemn Simulacrum Shrapnel Blast Talisman of Indulgence Taj-Nar Swordsmith Tel-Jilad Chosen
  Leonin Scimitar Slagwurm Armor Ogre Leadfoot   Titanium Golem Wrench Mind
Pack 3 Silver Myr Vulshok Gauntlets Electrostatic Bolt Thirst for Knowledge ? Pyrite Spellbomb
  Annul Clockwork Condor        
Pack 4 Frogmite Blinding Beam Wail of the Nim Relic Bane Fangren Hunter Krark-Clan Grunt
  Dragon Blood Tel-Jilad Exile Hematite Golem Inertia Bubble Culling Scales Yotian Soldier
Pack 5 Goblin Replica Myr Enforcer Lightning Greaves Silver Myr Skyhunter Patrol Megatog
  Viridian Joiner Battlegrowth Moriok Scavenger Bottle Gnomes Override Sunbeam Spellbomb
Pack 6 Thoughtcast Tel-Jilad Chosen Woebearer Irradiate Wurmskin Forger Spikeshot Goblin
  Welding Jar Elf Replica Razor Barrier Leonin Scimitar Soul Nova Duskworker
Pack 7 Cobalt Golem Auriok Transfixer Krark-Clan Grunt Crystal Shard Tel-Jilad Exile Consume Spirit
  Damping Matrix Turn to Dust Hematite Golem Relic Bane Dross Scorpion  
Pack 8 Frogmite Soldier Replica Mindslaver Icy Manipulator Fangren Hunter Disciple of the Vault
  Stalking Stones Razor Barrier Krark-Clan Shaman Regress Fireshrieker Pewter Golem
Pack 9 Thirst for Knowledge Skyhunter Cub Spikeshot Goblin Icy Manipulator Pewter Golem Yotian Soldier
  Neurok Familiar Leonin Elder Psychogenic Probe Hematite Golem Tooth of Chiss-Goria  
Pack 10 Domineer Viridian Longbow Shatter Somber Hoverguard Chromatic Sphere Bonesplitter
  Great Furnace Leonin Elder Goblin Striker Myr Retriever Iron Myr Wail of the Nim
Pack 11 Thirst for Knowledge Leonin Scimitar Tel-Jilad Chosen Frogmite Awe Strike Consume Spirit
  Krark's Thumb Titanium Golem Cobalt Golem Lumengrid Sentinel Talisman of Unity Krark-Clan Shaman
Pack 12 Leaden Myr Nim Replica Creeping Mold Annul Deconstruct Promise of Power
  Loxodon Mender Tooth of Chiss-Goria Ogre Leadfoot Nim Shrieker Leonin Elder Scale of Chiss-Goria
Pack 13 Vulshok Morningstar Stir the Pride ? Thunderstaff Loxodon Mystic Arcbound Worker
  Arcbound Overseer Hallow Arcbound Hybrid Neurok Prodigy Reap and Sow Razor Golem
Pack 14 Neurok Prodigy Purge Vulshok Morningstar Echoing Decay Drill-Skimmer Nim Abomination
  Krark-Clan Stoker Nourish Arcane Spyglass ? Pteron Ghost Arcbound Worker
Pack 15 Vedalken Engineer Tel-Jilad Outrider Grimclaw Bats Juggernaut Stand Together Oxidda Golem
  Darksteel Citadel Drill-Skimmer Darksteel Pendant Darksteel Reactor Echoing Calm Unforge
Pack 16 Chromescale Drake Arcbound Slith Grimclaw Bats Emissary of Despair Loxodon Mystic Echoing Ruin
  Darksteel Pendant Tel-Jilad Outrider Oxidda Golem Myr Moonvessel Hallow Arcbound Hybrid
Pack 17 Vulshok War Boar Tangle Spider Krark-Clan Stoker Echoing Truth Stir the Pride Chittering Rats
  Arcane Spyglass Ritual of Restoration Scavenging Scarab Razor Golem Genesis Chamber ?
Pack 18 Echoing Ruin Emissary of Hope Essence Drain Darksteel Citadel Pulse of the Fields Emissary of Despair
  Echoing Truth Auriok Glaivemaster Dross Golem Arcbound Bruiser Echoing Courage Crazed Goblin

Over the course of the draft, YMG clearly got out-opened, but some of their choices clearly didn't help their decks either, particularly in the last pack, where Alex passed a Pulse of the Fields, a card Pat absolutely could not deal with to Shenanigans in favor of an Emissary of Hope.

Looking at the card pools after the match, it looked like the B seat would be pretty interesting, as Osyp and Rob both had relatively powerful decks, while the Sullivan vs. Shvartsman matchup was clearly in Shenanigans' favor, and the Horvath vs. Kastle matchup in the A seat didn't look much better for the YMG'ers.

Patrick Sullivan - It would have been impossible for me to beat Pulse of the Fields, so it was huge for me when Alex took the Emissary. I think my matchup is very good.

Osyp - I can't cut Liar's Pendulum… it's like my signature card! I'm probably going to lose my matchup… Rob's deck looks really good.

Rob - Overall I think we're a little down. Osyp has two Icy Manipulators, and while I have some cards to deal with them, I've also got a bunch of good Equipment cards, and Icy is really good against that.

Alex - My matchup is very bad. My deck is a bit of a monstrosity.

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