Semifinal Feature Match: Andrew Gordon vs. Wei Ren Khoo

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By Chris Kwan

Wei Ren's Blinding Angel control deck is matched up against another Blue Skies deck, played by Andrew Gordon. He managed to defeat the deck last round, but Andrew is hot off a win over fires.

Game 1

Andrew wins the all important die roll and starts off strongly playing a second turn Spiketail Hatchling, followed by a Chimeric Idol and a troublesome spirit on his next turns. Wei attempts some answers in the form of a dismantling blow, which is thwarted, and a wrath, which is foiled. Wei's next wrath resolves safely but he is been knocked down to seven life.

The Idol attacks again bringing Wei down to four, and Wei drops a blinding angel to block. Andrew then uses his bomb - rath's edge, targeting the blinding angel for a point of damage. Wei is forced to block the Idol and lose the angel as he can't risk dropping to one life for fear of the underplayed land. He fact or fictions on his next turn looking for more answers and picks up another angel and a nether spirit.

Andrew's Idol knocks him down to one and Wei drops the Angel next turn. Andrew still only has four land in play and only needs to draw another land to win. Wei attempts another fact or fiction drawing some more counters but has no answer next turn as Andrew draws his land for his rath's edge.

Andrew Gordon leads 1-0.

Game 2

This game shows the importance of the control deck going first as Wei is able to deal with Andrew's threats, using Gainsay on a Hatchling and an Absorb on an Idol. Wei drops a Rootwater Thief and attacks next turn, removing a Foil from Andrew's deck. Andrew then manages to get a Rishadan Airship into play, followed by a Troublesome Spirit next turn. Wei elects to Fact or Fiction on his next turn and flips the following cards: Foil, Blinding Angel, Absorb, Island and Dismantling Blow.

Andrew puts the Absorb, Island and Blow in one pile which Wei takes. Wei then Wrath's on his next turn, clearing the board. Andrew then plays a Rising Waters, Gushes and plays a Rishadan Airship. The Rising Waters is targeted by a Dismantling Blow during his end step with thwarts on both sides, leaving Andrew at one land. Wei is safe to wrath next turn, and follows it up with a Blinding Angel. Andrew's next two spells, another Airship and a Rising Waters are both countered, and Andrew concedes when Wei recalls a Foil, Thwart and Fact or Fiction back from his graveyard.

Game 3

Andrew has another strong start with a second turn Spiketail Hatchling, which he uses to protect his Chimeric Idol from Wei's Absorb next turn. Wei digs into his library with three Accumulated Knowledges, searching for a solution, while Andrew uses Gush and Opt to refill his hand. Wei plays a Aura Fracture and his next Accumulated Knowledge is Foiled by Andrew. Wei has counters for Andrew's next two creatures but the Chimeric Idol has knocked him dangerously low. He Fact or Fictions but draws no answers and extends his hand to Andrew Gordon, who now moves onto the finals.

Final Result: Gordon def. Khoo, 2-1

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