Semifinal Feature Match: Jens Thoren vs. Trey Van Cleave

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game 1

Welcome to the Semi-Finals of Grand Prix Prague. Both players get on their way, each hoping to win this match. In the end only the two first get a trophy.

Jens tried to cast a Galina's Knight on his second turn but it got countered by Prohibit. Trey then missed one land drop so that he was a little bit behind Jens, who had already played a Kangee's Disciple and a kicked Ardent Soldier. A Vodalian Zombie got targeted by Exclude, netting Trey his fourth land. Trey played an Urborg Drake that was enchanted by Mourning.

A kicked Faerie Squadron was Repulsed back to Trey's hand. Jens continued to swing for four a turn bringing Trey down to eight life. He then cast Benalish Heralds, that could have given him an enormous advantage were they not repulsed before they had gone active. Being at six life Trey chose to play Plague Spitter, which could only mean two things: either he was very desperate or he had another trick up his sleeve. Trey played a kicked Faerie Squadron to stop the flyer that was picking his life away. Jens recoiled the Squadron and Trey conceded.

Game 2

Plague Spitter was the first spell that was played since both players only dropped lands for the first three turns. Jens tried to cast an Ardent Soldier with kicker but it got targeted by Exclude during the attempt. Trey cast Blind Seer and the only creature the Swedish was able to play was a Disciple of Kangee.

After some thought van Cleave played a Faerie Squadron and attacked with his Seer, forgetting that it already had one damage on it so that Jens blocked it, finishing the Seer off. After having played a Duskwalker Trey got targeted by a Probe with kicker. Jens played Hobble on the Duskwalker only to see it be returned to Trey 's hand using the Harpy's gating ability. That was too much for Jens who hadn't found any answer for it so that he conceded.

Game 3

First three turns are once again spent with laying lands and calling turn. Jens was the one who played something first, being it Drainer's Pet followed by a Metathran Zombie. Trey got the Swamp he had been waiting for and played a Urborg Emissary with kicker having the Zombie as target, thereby returning it to his opponent's hand. Jens played a Vodalian Serpent that could be useful against his opponent, since he was playing Islands too. The Serpent got Recoiled and then Trey called turn. Jens then played a Strength of Unity on his Pet making it a 5/5.

After some thought Trey decided to play a Morgue Toad and finished his turn. The Swedish player just played a Metathran Zombie and saw his opponent cast a Faerie Squadron with kicker. Jens attacked with his Pet and it got blocked by an Emissary and a Morgue Toad. After damage was on the stack he sacrificed it to enable him to Zap the Zombie that was not regenerated. Instead Jens played a Vodalian Serpent, which attacked next turn. He then cast Galina's Knight that was targeted by Trey's Planeswalker's Scorn after having revealed a Confound.

Trey activated it two times but a spell was only revealed one time. Trey used the ability repeatedly. Jens drew an Urborg Emissary and played it targeting the Faerie Squadron, forcing Trey who was at four life to block with the remaining Marsh Crocodile. Trey desperately tried to find a solution. He cast a Recoil that got countered by Confound. Trey then played a Terminate on the Serpent. Jens did cast two Vodalian Zombies and Trey tried to get rid of them by activating the Scorn. Jens did not have anything in his hand other than lands, so that there was no possible way for Trey to get rid of the creatures that were going to take his trophy away.

Final Result: Jens Thoren defeats Trey van Cleave, 2-1

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