Semifinal Feature Match: Jos Schreurs (The Netherlands) vs. Scott Wills (England)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Kim Eikefet

Jos Schreurs

In the semifinals, Jos Schreurs from the Netherlands faced Scott Wills from England. Schreurs had taken down Marcus Angelin from Sweden in the quarterfinals while Wills had defeated Eivind Nitter from Norway.

Game 1

"Well below average," Scott claimed as he rolled four, not enough to get to play. So Jos played first. He chose to keep his hand with two lands only. Scott got to play the first spell. He cast a turn two Angelic Shield. Jos was then happy to be able to play a third turn land.

Scott then got out a Benalish Lancer without the kicker. "Hm," he said when Jos did nothing during his fourth turn except from playing a land. He then attacked with his Lancer before playing a Sunscape Familiar and an Opt, drawing and keeping a Hobble. Jos then failed to draw another land, and did nothing.

Scott's Lancer took him down to 16, but the Englishman didn't play anything during his turn. He didn't have an Exclude either for the Tower Drake that came into play on the opposite side of the table. Instead, he continued to attack with his Lancer, and then he got out a Benalish Trapper - but Jos had the Exclude for it.

The Dutchman then attacked with his Tower Drake to do the first two damage to Scott. He then played a Shoreline Raider and passed priority. Scott kept attacking with his Lancer though, and he also tried to play an Ardent Soldier with kicker - but Jos Prohibited it.

Jos cast a Probe with kicker. "Targeting you," he said. "Not on me," Scott replied, who didn't know that the Probe effect was targeted. He had to discard a land and a Phyrexian Bloodstock. The two players then continued to attack each other, although Scott seemed to be winning the race.

Jos needed a few more creatures out to put some pressure on Scott. He played a Shivan Zombie, which also had the added advantage of protection from white, which meant that it could get around Scott's Sunscape Familiar. During his turn, Scott pondered on what to do, looking a bit worried. It didn't seem like he had any reason to worry though, as he tapped six mana and cast Dromar, the Banisher.

Now it was Jos' turn to look worried. He was holding a Terminate though, but if he used it, he would only get the Angelic Shield in return. Still, he had to do it. "Summoning sickness," he laughed, but Scott promptly returned the dragon to his hand. Jos then went into attack mode, sending all his creatures over. Scott chose to block the Shoreline Raider with his Lancer, and he went down to ten life. Jos then summoned a Vodalian Zombie to try and keep up the pressure.

Then, Dromar was back on the table, and Jos shook his head after attacking with his Shivan Zombie. He then played a Faerie Squadron with kicker, but it looked puny compared to the huge dragon. "You're on ten," Scott asked, then he sent his Dromar over. "The Tower Drake is very mighty," Jos replied, putting the Drake in front of the huge dragon. Scott then played Hobble on the Vodalian Zombie, before playing his own Tower Drake.

Jos was holding a Breath of Darigaaz in his hand, and he looked for a chance to play it for the victory. So he attacked with both his Shivan Zombie and the Faerie Squadron. Scott didn't fall for it though, he blocked the Zombie with his Drake and Jos couldn't do anything but pass priority. He then got an angry Dromar coming over for a visit. "No blocks," he sighed, going down to four before Scott played Wings of Hope on his Sunscape Familiar and then yet another Tower Drake.

Jos had another trick up his sleeve though. He destroyed the Sunscape Familiar with a Crosis's Charm during Scott's end of turn step, and then he sent his Faerie Squadron over for a visit, hoping that Scott wouldn't block. "Cards in hand?" Scott wondered, replying with a "Hmm" when the answer was four. He then took the damage, and Jos cast Breath of Darigaaz to try and get a draw. Scott had a response though, he cast Pollen Remedy with kicker to prevent six damage to him - but Jos had Ertai's Trickery and got his draw. "Who plays Ertai's Trickery main deck?" Scott sighed, and the two players started sideboarding and shuffling up for game two.

Schreurs ½ - Wills ½

Game 2

"I decided to play in the first game, so I get to decide again?" Jos asked the judge, and the judge could confirm that. Scott mumbled something about it being unfair while Jos tried to think through his deck for ways to kill the Dromar. "How long did the Ertai's Trickery sit in your hand?" Scott wondered, not able to get the Trickery out of his mind. Jos could confirm that it had been in his hand for a while. "I didn't see that coming," Scott then laughed when a friend of his came to ask what had happened. "Trickery can be useful," Jos calmly replied.

"I'll play again," Jos said when the decks sufficiently randomized. He was happy with his opening hand, and so was Scott, so they started. The two of them played lands for the first turns. Jos got out a third turn Urborg Phantom though, and Scott spent some time considering what to do during his third turn. Eventually he chose to Hobble the Phantom.

Scott then got out a Sunscape Familiar and a Tower Drake while Jos only had a useless Phantom on the table. The Dutchman had a Probe though, and he cast it with kicker, discarding two lands. Scott chose to discard a Cameo and a Ruham Djinn. He still got to attack though with his Drake, and he also played a Benalish Lancer without kicker.

Jos got out a Shoreline Raider, but it was a little too small when Scott played his Angelic Shield, so the Dutchman went down to fourteen after the following attack. He really needed a bigger creature to stabilize the board situation, but all he could find was a Hunting Drake. Scott then Opted, drawing a Cavern Harpy. "Hmm," he said, then he chose to keep it - and then he drew Dromar.

Scott Wills vs. Jos Schreurs

The Englishman attacked with his Drake and the Lancer, and Jos chose to double-block the Lancer in an attempt to kill it. But Scott Rushing Rivered the Hunting Drake, and the Shoreline Raider died. He then cast a Cavern Harpy, returning the Tower Drake to his hand. Left on Jos' side of the table was only the useless Urborg Phantom.

A Mire Kavu didn't really help Jos a lot, but he cast it nonetheless. During Scott's following turn, the Harpy brought Jos down to ten life, and again, Scott found himself wondering whether to cast the Dromar or not - afraid of an Exclude. So he chose to play the Tower Drake. Jos then got out a Faerie Squadron with kicker, and suddenly he had a creature that could block Scott's flyers and still survive. But then it was time for Dromar. "Him again. Sure," Jos replied when the big guy hit the table, and he shook his head, looking a bit worried. "A bit less impressive," he joked, playing a Thunderscape Familiar, and then he played a Duskwalker with kicker.

Scott then attacked with his Dromar, and the Familiar bravely jumped in front of it. The Englishman didn't care though, he just kept playing flyers - this time another Tower Drake. Jos attacked with his Duskwalker, doing three damage to Scott, and then he cast another Thunderscape Familiar, or a "chump blocker" that jumped in front of the Dromar. The Duskwalker took Scott down to 16, but he looked far from worried with a dragon on the board. He then returned the Faerie Squadron to Jos' hand with a Stand/Deliver, but Jos used a Crosis's Charm to return the Dragon to Scott's hand. Scott Prohibited the Charm, but Jos Gainsaid the Prohibit. Unfortunately, that was the Gainsay he had saved for the Dromar, and without a way of dealing with all the creatures on the table, Jos scooped.

Schreurs ½ - Wills 1½

Game 3

Jos got to play first in the third game as well, and once again he kept his opening hand. Scott kept as well, and he got out a second turn Sunscape Familiar. Then, Jos played a Tower Drake, and Scott did as well.

The Dutchman attacked with his Drake, and Scott took the two first damage of the game. The Englishman then attacked back, but he was able to play a spell as well, he cast a Worldly Counsel for three, putting an island into his hand. Scott then played a Benalish Lancer without the kicker. "Without the kicker? Then it's okay," Jos replied.

Again, Jos attacked with his Tower Drake. "I try to make your Tower Drake black," he said, casting a Singe - and the Tower Drake did not only turn black, it also died. Scott didn't cast a creature during his following turn though, so the Drake and the Lancer traded beats for a little while. "Is this all we're gonna do?" Scott commented after a while. "This way I'm gonna win the race," Jos replied, but he didn't bet on that happening and so he cast a Duskwalker with kicker - but it was Prohibited. "Gainsay," Jos answered, and so the Duskwalker came into play. It didn't get to do a lot though, because Scott had a Hobble for it. And then the two players went on again trading Drake and Lancer beats.

Scott then tried to cast Prison Barricade with kicker. "With kicker?" Jos grinned, but no Trickery followed. Instead, he cast a Crosis's Charm to try and return the Hobbled Duskwalker to his hand. In response, Scott cast Rushing River with kicker, trying to return his own Hobble and Jos' Tower Drake to their owners' hands, but Jos had a Prohibit for it. The Dutchman then played Breath of Darigaaz with kicker, killing Scott's two creatures but going down to six life. Scott was down to four though after the following attack, and Jos cast a Phyrexian Slayer as well to add to the offense.

Jos sent his two creatures over to try and do lethal damage during the following turn, but a Stand/Deliver returned one of them to owner's hand. Still, Scott failed to draw anything that could help him, and the Duskwalker and the flyer did him in the next turn.

Schreurs 1½ - Wills 1½

Game 4

So the best out of three matches went to four games, but at least Scott got to play first after losing. The two players shook hands and wished each other good luck, and then they drew their opening hands. Scott kept his hand with three lands, and Jos kept as well. Jos got to play the first creature though, a Thunderscape Familiar. Scott cast Opt, and he kept the card he drew.

Scott then took some damage from the Familiar, and then he cast a Benalish Lancer - but Jos said no and used an Exclude to counter it. Jos continued attacking with his Familiar, and Scott tried to cast a Glimmering Angel - but Jos had another Exclude. The Dutchman didn't even play another creature, but he didn't have a counter for the Tower Drake that followed. He did have a Probe though, and he cast it with kicker, targeting Scott. It resolved, and Jos improved the card quality of his hand while Scott had to discard a Pollen Remedy and Prohibit.

Scott Wills

Scott got to attack with the Tower Drake though, and he also played an Ardent Soldier with kicker. The Familiar then knocked him down to 16, and then Jos figured it was time to do something and he cast a Mire Kavu. He still took damage from the Tower Drake though, and a Sunscape Familiar came into play on the other side of the table. "Cards?" Jos asked. "Two," Scott replied, mentioning the two Excludes and the Probe. Then Jos cast Bog Down. Scott answered by returning the Familiar and the Kavu to Jos's hand though.

Jos didn't mind. He cast Breath of Darigaaz with kicker, killing Scott's two creatures. The Englishman wasn't very pleased, but he couldn't do anything but try to get out a new offence with whatever he could draw - a Prison Barricade. Then, the Mire Kavu and a Tower Drake came out on the other side of the table. "Say you ran out of removal spells," Scott begged, having top-decked a Samite Archer, and Jos didn't counter it at least. He had a Terminate though, and Scott went down to six after taking damage from the Mire Kavu and the Tower Drake.

Jos then attacked with his three creatures, the Mire Kavu, the Stormscape Familiar and the Tower Drake, going down to three life after putting the Prison Barricade in front of the Mire Kavu. He couldn't draw anything useful though, and died one turn later. "Nothing I can do against that draw," the Englishman sighed and extended his hand to the winner.

Final Result: Jos Schreurs 2½ - Scott Wills 1½

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