Semifinal Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Jakub Slemr

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By Mark Wraith

Game 1

Going second, it was Jakub who made the first play of the semi-finals, accelerating his mana with Quirion Elves, and giving Ryan card advantage as it gave him a chance to Zap something of one toughness.

"I played them in the wrong order", said Ryan casting his fourth turn Shivan Zombie, but as Slemr did nothing except Zap Ryan during turn four, Fuller had chance to play a second Shivan Zombie and immediately upgraded it to Lava Zombie.

The Czech had some ideas of blocking these creatures with Viashino Grappler, and indeed he did block the Lava Zombie, but did not trade as Ryan had cast Mourning on it in the interim. A Sulam Djinn didn't even get the chance to block as it was killed by Spite, and Fuller attacked for another six putting the Czech at ten.

Slemr wasn't quite finished yet, playing a second Sulam Djinn. Ryan gave it two Mournings so that it couldn't kill his Lava Zombie, and attacked with the Lava and two Shivan Zombies. Slemr could only deal with a Shivan Zombie, and went down to three as Fuller boosted the Lava Zombie to 5/3.

A Magma Burst ended it immediately after combat.

Game 2

"Was that a fast draw?" asked Jakub, still smarting after the savage beating he received in game one. "Maybe if I had drawn the cards in a different order", replied Ryan, referring to his fourth turn Shivan Zombie

Ryan had to mulligan in this game, and both competitors had second turn plays, Jakub with a Quirion Elf, gating into a Horned Kavu, Ryan with a Ravenous Rats that found Verduran Emissary.

The Elf was Zapped as Slemr replayed it, and Fuller had some gating of his own, playing a Lava Zombie. This time it was Jakub with the faster looking draw though, as he attacked with Horned Kavu - Ryan unable to block with the Zombie because of the Czech's Thunderscape Apprentice - and cast Bog Down to make Ryan discard a couple of cards.

"This is going to take forever", Ryan said, as the choice of what to discard was particularly difficult, but eventually he lost a Shivan Zombie and an Urborg Emissary. Ravenous Rats made an appearance, and as Jakub had only two cards in hand the choice of what to discard was easier - he lost Stone Kavu over Kavu Climber.

Fuller slowed the beats down a little by casting Mourning on the Horned Kavu, and then sending over his own Lava Zombie. The Thunderscape Apprentice was finally removed as well this time by a Scorching Lava. The only creature that could get through damage now was a Hooded Kavu Ryan summoned, and indeed he made it unblockable at the first opportunity and attacked. Now was not the time to draw land, but Jakub drew two in a row, allowing the Kavu to bring him down to ten before he drew a Shivan Emissary to remove it.

The board seemed to reach a slight deadlock, but Ryan drew a Caldera Kavu - he only had enough mana to make it into a 5/5 at this point, but attacked with Lava Zombie and the Caldera Kavu. Jakub had no blockers for the Kavu, instead trading his Climber for the Lava Zombie, and going down to five life.

Fuller continued the beat-down in an even more vicious fashion on his next turn, giving Slingshot Goblin a Maniacal Rage and swinging with both. On five life, Jakub was forced to chump-block, losing all his creatures except for Shivan Emissary.

He survived an additional turn by Assaulting the Caldera Kavu, chumped the Lava Zombie with his Emissary, and then conceded.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller defeats Jakub Slemr 2 - 0

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