Semifinals – Jiann Hua Chin vs. Maitland Cameron

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Pip Hunn

Chin led off with a Memnite and a Steel Overseer. Cameron had no action for the first few turns, then summoned a Squadron Hawk. Chin had a Dispatch to tap down the Hawk, and pumped his men for a lethal swing.

Chin led with an impressive turn one: two Memnites, Mox Opal, Glint Hawk, Mox Opal again, Plains and Shrine of Loyal Legions. Cameron could only raise an eyebrow and Condemn the Glint Hawk. An Oblivion Ring dealt with the Shrine, while Chin cast a Glint Hawk Idol and another Glint Hawk. Cameron dug for a fourth land with a Preordain. Chin attacked again with his team, knocking Cameron to eight. Cameron cast a Day of Judgment to clear the board, but the Glint Hawk Idol survived Cameron's Judgment.


Jiann Hua Chin: Steely Deck, Iron Gaze.


Cameron summoned a Gideon Jura and tried to mount a defense. Chin was having none of it, and his creatures wiped out Gideon one turn and Cameron the next.

Jiann Chin 2 – Maitland Cameron 0

Chin started off slower this time around, with a Signal Pest and a Shrine of Loyal Legions. Cameron summoned a Squadron Hawks to provide some defense. Cameron once again had an Oblivion Ring for the Shrine. Chin summoned and attacked with a Porcelain Legionnaire. Chin then grew his army with a Steel Overseer and a Glint Hawk, effectively a free card off the Mox Opal.

Cameron's Day of Judgment cleaned up the board, and the control player stabilised his game on a comfortable 20 life. Cameron cast a Sun Titan and returned his Squadron Hawks to play. Chin had a Glint Hawk Idol and a second Steel Overseer, threatening to grow his army to unmanageable sizes.


Maitland Cameron in Complete Control.


Cameron mounted an offensive with a Colonnade and his Titan. Chin took blows for several turns, then activated and double-pumped two Inkmoth Nexus with his Overseers. He attacked for lethal, but Cameron had a Condemn to stay alive and swing back for the win.

Maitland Cameron 1 – Jiann Chin 2

Chin started with a Vault Skirge and a Steel Overseer. Cameron had a Condemn and an Oblivion Ring to keep things contained, but Chin merely moved to his lands. Two copies of Inkmoth Nexus teamed up, and Cameron could not fend them off fast enough.

Jiann Chin defeats Maitland Cameron 3 – 1

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