Semifinals – Xu Bin (Blue-White Control) vs. Lü Jiachong (Blue-Black Control)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 3, 2011

By Chapman Sim

Game 1

Xu Bin won the die roll and chose to play first but Lü had to mulligan down to six. Xu opened with relatively-useless Wall of Omens and Spell Pierced his opponent's Jace Beleren. When Xu tried to cast his own a few turns later, Lü decided to stop it with double Mana Leak.

A few turns of stalemante ensued and players were comfortable to play the waiting game. That is, until Xu reached nine mana. Feeling confident enough to finally call forth Gideon Jura, it was surprised to see it resolve unopposed. Lü tried to seek answers with Jace's Ingenuity. He didn't find what he wanted, and tried to dig further with Preordain, but Mental Misstep prevented him from doing so.

When Gideon Jura entered the red zone, Lü pointed Go for the Throat at the Planeswalker but it was countered again, this time, with a second Spell Pierce. Even though Lü was drawing more cards with his Jace Beleren, he was having problems finding a solution for Gideon Jura. When he did manage to resolve Wurmcoil Engine, Xu sent it Into the Roil to end the game with one final punch.

Lü Jiachong harnessing the power of Jace and his ingenuity.

Xu Bin wins Game One.

Game 2

Recently, the control matchup's victor is usually determined in two ways. The player who has resolved more Jaces, or the player who has more land. Xu attacked Lü's mana base by activatingTectonic Edge on an opposing Creeping Tar Pit as soon as he reached four lands, and plucked out the remaining three copies from his deck. He repeated this trick on Darkslick Shores as well, and Lü was suddenly in severe trouble.

Even though he had a couple of countermagic in his hand, he was stuck at four lands, of which only one produced blue mana. To make matters worse, the chance of him drawing additional lands was significantly reduced thanks to both Surgical Extractions.

Xu wasn't about to let his guard down and further reduced his land count with his third Tectonic Edge. Now totally devoid of blue mana, Lü could only watch blankly as Elspeth Tirel and Celestial Colonnadetook the game in a matter of seconds.

Xu Bin beats Lü Jiachong 2-0 and proceeds to the Finals!

Tectonic Edge
Surgical Extraction
Secret combo to beat the control mirror?

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