Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2004

By Rui Oliveira

The two Pro Tour veterans had the dubious honor of kicking out the two Spanish players in the Top 8. Now they get to play for a slot in the finals. They checked each other's deck and discussed their Quarterfinals.

Raphael: "My heart is finally beating normally."

Levy never won against Kai and that seemed to be in his mind.

Raphael: "Come on! I have to break the streak sometime!"
Kai: "He always says that. Always."
Raphael: "My mother is going to be mad with you if I lose again. I keep telling her I lost to the "German guy"."

Game 1

Budde opened with Leonin Elder, Pteron Ghost and Soldier Replica while Levy played land after land. Kai dropped Oxidda Golem and finally Levy blinked. He used Terror and Shatter to kill the Golem and the Ghost.

Kai played Loxodon Mystic but Raphael had Barbed Lighting for it. Then he played his first creature: a Myr.

Raphael: "Yeah, a creature!"

Again Kai attacked and dropped Leonin Abunas. On the next turn Levy played Goblin Replica.

Kai (pointing at his Abunas): "That's very good right now."
Raphael: "Yes, I know."

Despite Levy's efforts Budde just kept pouring creatures unto the table and attacking every single turn. Irradiate took out the Elder when Budde played Hematite Golem. The game seemed totally lost for the French until he reached seven mana.

Then he played Platinum Angel.

Kai (flipping Grab the Reins onto the table): "Welcome to the real world, Mr. Levy."
Raphael: "... Of course."

Kai 1 - Raphael 0.

Game 2
Raphael mulliganed amidst a thousand jokes. The second hand still wasn't good enough so he sent it back. He actually showed his five-card hand. Still no lands. At least he was laughing at it.

Raphael: "Stop laughing, Kai. At least mulligan. This is not fair. I'm so much better than you. My deck is SOOOO good."

He kept his four-card hand and dropped Darksteel Citadel, Mountain and Darksteel Pendant.

Raphael: "I'm SO going to win this one."
Kai: "Probably."

The German refused to miss a land drop despite Levy's "boo's" and played Vulshok Morningstar and Krak-Clan Grunt. Levy's Pendant yielded his fourth land, Scavenging Scarab and Krak-Clan Stoker.

Kai: "You are too good for me."
Raphael: "I know, I know."

Despite all the jokes Budde's side of the table was all business with Skyhunter Patrol carrying the Morningstar, Pteron Ghost and Krak-Clan Grunt. The Scarab attacked and the Patrol tried to block.

Levy showed Kai an Unforge.

Kai: "That's not very nice."

Budde sacrificed the Ghost to save his artifact and used Barbed Lightning to kill Levy's remaining creature dropping him down to two.

Raphael: "Come on Angel!"
Kai (reading a card in hand): "Grab the Reins, Instant, Choose One - .."

Levy used Pendant and kept looking through cards before passing the imaginary turn. Kai attacked

Raphael: "What's my life?"
Judge: "Minus four."
Raphael: "No, really... what's my life?"

Eventually they stopped pretending there was still a game going on. The crowd jokingly boo'd Kai.

Final result: Kai Budde wins 2 - 0 and will now move on to the finals of Grand Prix Madrid.

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