Semifinals: Adam Yang vs. Brett Reliford

Posted in Event Coverage on August 17, 2003

By Joshua Claytor

Okay, so far, you have read so much about Adam Yang, that it must be getting tiring! The other semifinalists did not want their match covered, so this reporter must continue to feature the “Yang Train.” as he makes he move to glory in Kentucky Magic. Brett Reliford is an English teacher in Eastern Kentucky, and is looking to just take one more win with his U/G deck.

Adam won the die roll, and both of the players kept their opening hand. Adam roared out of the gate with a first turn Skirk Prospector. Brett hollered back with a land drop and passed. Adam made a Goblin Warcheif and attacked for two. Reliford played the ubiquitous Wild Mongrel turn two, while Adam made a Goblin Matron and found a Piledriver that also hit play that turn. Piledriver traded with the Wild Mongrel while the Matron and Warchief found their way safely back home from the combat phase. A second Mongrel came down for Brett, and he passed turn. A second Matron resolved for Adam and this time around it searched out Siege Gang commander. Sparksmith tried to join the board of double Matron and Warchief but was countered by Circular Logic. Mongrel swung, and hit Adam for four. Brett discarded the Arrogant Wurm and Rootwalla in his hand, made them both via madness and had blockers for the onslaught of attackers that would be coming his way. Adam refused to attack, and passed the turn back to Reliford. By the fourth turn, Reliford decided that he no longer needed to play land, and just made an Aquamoeba instead. Sparksmith joined the crew for Adam, and stayed back with the Siege Gang Commander while the three tokens, the two matrons and the Warchief bum rushed Brett. Aquamoeba traded with a token, a token took out an Arrogant wurm. When the dust settled, Reliford was lying in ruins. He was left with a Mongrel (that died soon after to a 5 point smith) and a rootwalla. Adam on the other hand was left with a Smith, a siege gang commander, two matrons, and a token. Brett answered back with a Phantom Centaur, but Adam had the bidding for himself. Bidding for goblins brought back the war chief, a driver, a spark smith, and a prospector.

Brett got back two lousy mongrels.

After damage, all Adam had to do was sack a bunch of goblins to the commander. Combat damage stacked, and before it resolved, he dealt six more to Brett, who was facing six points already.

Adam Yang: 1-0.

Both players kept their opening hands, and Brett played a first turn forest Rootwalla. Adam screamed back with Sledder, and forced Brett to either pump his walla or lose tempo and keep him alive. He forced the lost tempo, which also signaled the lack of two drops in his hand. Rather meekly a Sparksmith came in to play, and the rootwalla came soaring past. The post combat main phase saw a looter and a rootwalla come from Reilford, and the turn was passed back to Adam. Smith killed the Looter, and a war chief came into play and DID NOT ATTACK into a board of one rootwalla, which could not be pumped. Brett stopped playing land, and a matron came out that brought out a piledriver. That Piledriver resolved. The second Piledriver did not. A combat step hit Brett for 11, took him to nine, and put the serious hurts all up on him. Arrogant wurm was sparksmithed a way, and Siege Gang Commander hit play. He attacked with all his dorks. The drew step for Brett was futile. With the Seige Gang Commander staying alive, all Adam had to do was not make a mistake and shock Brett out of the semifinals. No such luck for Brett, and the match was over afterwards.

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