Semifinals: Andy Stokinger vs Ken Krouner

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Team Academy’s own Andrew Stokinger and Tony Patronick played a white weenie deck, “Master A” to impressive finishes today. Stokinger has already made it to the Semifinals, while Patronick was one match win away from Top 8. Lucas Glavin originally designed the deck, and Patronick made some changes for today’s tournament. The intriguing tech card they included is Planar Guide. It unmorphs Exalted Angel, can wipe out a token army, and is a failsafe against Upheaval.

Game 1

Stokinger started off with Weathered Wayfarer and Whipcorder, while Krouner had Basking Rootwalla and Merfolk Looter. Stokinger played a morph creature on turn three, and unmorphed it as Exalted Angel on turn four. Glorious Anthem and a second Whipcorder made the board position even more dominant, and Krouner needed Wonder to stop the Angel. He didn’t find one, and conceded.

Stokinger- 1 Krouner- 0

Game 2

Krouner mulliganed his opening hand, and noted that it was the first time he had to send a hand back in the tournament. Stokinger sent his hand back as well, and said that it was also probably the first time he had to mulligan today. Stokinger had a Planar Guide, and Krouner summoned a Merfolk Looter that soon got to work, sending Wonder to the graveyard. He had three islands out, and either didn’t have green sources, or was bluffing. Glorious Anthem made the Planar Guide a 2/2. Krouner’s Looter put Roar of the Wurm into the graveyard and he ended his turn, staring at his three islands with a look of disbelief. Battle Screech got a laugh out of Krouner, as the game started slipping away. The 2/2 birds attacked, and Stokinger added a morph creature to his side. Arrogant Wurm provided Krouner with a decent blocker, and Turbulent Dreams gave him some tempo advantage to catch up. The following attack brought Krouner down to five, and a devastating Wrath of God cleared the table. This was followed by Spurnmage Advocate, and Krouner had only one card in his hand. He did flash back Roar of the Wurm, but Stokinger kept the game in his favor with a morphed Exalted Angel and Master Apothecary. Turbulent Dreams sent the Angel back once more, but it was simply delaying the inevitable. Battle Screech put Stokinger over the top to take the match.

Stokinger- 2 Krouner- 0

Andy Stokinger

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Ken Krouner

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