Semifinals: Ben Stark vs. Nate Heiss

Posted in Event Coverage on October 19, 2003

By John Stephens

Game One

"I'm going to lose 2-0 pretty quickly," Ben announced. "My deck is pretty atrocious, but my first round opponent had a worse deck."

Nate and Ben shuffled things up and Nate started things off with Mountain, keeping a two land hand. It worked out ok as he drew other cards.

Den-Guard from Ben was followed with Wizard Replica from Nate. Nate then played out Exile from his hand to give himself a little more permanent offense.

Ben responded with Luxodon Punisher and by destroying the Goblin Charbelcher that Nate had just played.

"I'm in trouble if you ever find equipment," Nate commented while looking at the position of the players on the table. Luxodon Punisher and two Leonin Den-Guards were on the table for Ben, and when he added Platinum Angel to his board he looked to be in control.

Nate needed defense, and he found it in the form of the Titanium Golem and Tel-Jilad Archers. This freed up his Exile to go into the red zone, providing a little pressure on Ben. The Exiles visit to the red zone resulted in the demise of the Platinum Angel, who died when a Tooth of chiss-Goria was played to make the Exile larger.

On the next attack Ben decided to take it. He was at 20 life and figured the 5/4 Exile couldn't kill him yet. After drawing yet another land though Ben realized this game was over.

"Scoop at 15," Ben announced. "I wasn't kidding, I shouldn't have any way to win."

Ben Stark 0 - Nate Heiss 1

Game Two

Nate decided to toss back his seven card hand so that he wasn't starting with six lands and a Wizard Replica. Ben on the other hand kept a seven card hand with three lands, a Leonin Elder and more gas.

Turn one Ben dropped the Elder, and followed that with Ancient Den and Iron Myr to gain two life, then ran his total to 23 by playing Leaden Myr. A Raise the Alarm at the end of the turn gave him five creatures on the table, while The Heiss only had his lonely little Spikeshot Goblin.

Ben sent all of his creatures into the red zone, sending The Heiss down to fourteen life. The Myr Enforcer he played didn't get to last long as it was met with an Electrostatic Bolt that killed it to save The Heiss.

Nate played a Creeping Mold to eliminate the pesky Serum Tank, and Ben decided he would use some removal of his own to eliminate the Vulshok Gauntlets. The Gauntlets could have been real trouble with the Spikeshot Goblin already on the table.

Ben's army was spent by this time, with all of his 1/1 creatures dead at the hands of the Spikeshot Goblin, and the game had turned over to the Heiss. Ben started to slump over in his seat as the reality of his prediction began to weigh on him. It looked as if he really couldn't win this game.

Nate played a Gold Myr just to improve his board position a little. Ben had a Hematite Golem and a Den-Guard on the table, but they were spectators while The Heiss swung into the red zone with his Titanium Golem and Tel-Jilad Archers.

Ben found a Vulshok Gauntlets of his own, and putting them on the Den-Guard, he sent it zooming into the red zone. Nate chose not to block him the first time, and the second time he attacked Nate just tossed his Gold Myr in front of it. The threat didn't last long as Nate killed the Den-Guard with Altar of Shadows and then destroyed the Hematite Golem with an Electrostatic Bolt.

Ben looked at his next card, a Mountain, and then scooped up in defeat.

Ben Stark 0 - Nate Heiss 2

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