Semifinals: Christoph Lippert vs. Carlos Barrado

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

After an exhausting match of two hours Lippert finally made it to the semifinal. After taking a break and de-sideboarding he is able to relax a little bit although he is certainly nervous. The first finalist was already sure: Noah Boeken.

Game 1

Lippert had a very unusual opening hand featuring five blue and white lands, a blue spell and a Roar of the Wurm. He opted for a mulligan and he got a better hand than before.

On the second turn the Spanish cast Mad Dog to commence the hostilities closely followed by a Dusk Imp only to see it get syncopated. As a counter-measure the German cast Mystic Zealot, which blocked the Mad Dog next turn.

A freshly cast Cabal Torturer from Barrado did not scare him and he started pounding at his opponent. On his next turn although, he was caught up by a Wererat, which held his Zealot behind. Holding two land with six in play together with an Embolden things didn't look to bright for him. A Monk didn't seem to help his cause either.

On his turn Carlos cast a Morbid Hunger targeting the Zealot wanting to end it with his Torturer but Lippert used Embolden to prevent four damage to it ant it stayed in play keeping him from taking beats from Carlos' creatures.

Carlos was set to kill the Zealot, only this time with a Fiery Temper but the same thing happened as before.... it got Embolden on it.

An Anarchist came into play on Barrado's side and recovered a Morbid Hunger for him, while all the German could do was wait and see what the draw would bring. Next turn it had a little treat for him, giving him a Kirtar's Desire to hinder the Wererat from attacking.

Finally he got something he liked. A Roar of the Wurm. And he liked it so much he cast it right away not wanting to take any more damage from his opponent's creatures.

The flashbacked Roar of the Wurm came in and Christoph had no more worries left. Even with Carlos's second Torturer. A quick second of thought and Lippert swung with both his Wurms. Carlos was able to kill one of them but lost a Torturer and an Anarchist for it.

Christoph was stuck on land having now eight lands in play and three in his hand so he kept the Wurm back and ended his turn. On his next turn he drew an Angelic Wall and cast it as a potential blocker. Apparently his land drawing days were over as he only drew business spells with Deep Analysis.

Lippert discarded a card for his new Aquamoeba and attacked with his Wurm. Since the German had threshold Kirtar's Desire disabled the rat completely and the Roar was worth another five points of damage.

Trying to find a solution, the Spanish played his hand out: Minotaur Explorer. Lippert didn't back up and sent both his Wurm and his Aquamoeba out to get his opponent. He was not very worried with his own defense since he was holding Second Thoughts to assure nothing bad would happen to him.

To Barrado's relief the Wurm was not present anymore but he only had five life. Lippert had a plan: he would dematerialize the Torturer and win enough time to get damage by. So the Torturer hit the table next turn but a 2/1 Aven together with a Thought Nibbler would do enough damage. Although the Torturer only entered this turn, Carlos cast Reckless Charge to use his Cabal to remove the Aven from the table.

But all his efforts were in vain since his opponent drew Strength of Isolation, which made his creature unblockable for him and he scooped.

Lippert 1 - Barrado 0

Game 2

Lippert started fast in game 2 with an Aquamoeba, which he enchanted with a Strength of Isolation to serve five during the third turn. All his opponent could do was summon a Cabal Torturer and watch how the Aquamoeba went by him for another five damage.

Barrado had only another black creature: Wererat. So the beating continued with five damage a turn leaving Barrado one attack away from loosing the chance to advance into the finals of Grand Prix Barcelona 2002.

The Spanish thought a lot and finally got a red creature on the table, that got Aether Bursted back to the hand and made way for his sixth turn kill, with what was supposed to be a control deck

Final Result: Lippert 2- 0 Barrado

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