Semifinals - Dan Lanthier vs Marc Anderson

Posted in Event Coverage on August 21, 2011

By Josh Bennett

"You know, you, Marcel and Noah would make a great National Team," said Anderson

"What about you?" asked Lanthier

"Me? I'm terrible."

Terrible or not, Marc Anderson is having a great weekend. His Twin-Pod deck ran over Paul MacKinnon in the quarterfinals. Now he just needed to beat Dan Lanthier, former National Champion, who had torn up the competition all weekend with his Splinter Twin deck.

Anderson led out with Raging Ravine after an island from Lanthier. Lanthier paid two life for Gitaxian [autocard]Probe[/autocard], seeing two Birthing Pod, three land, Dismember and Deceiver Exarch. He played a mountain and Spellskite.

Dan Lanthier

Anderson played an island and passed. Lanthier Preordained, keeping one. He played island and passed it back. Anderson paid three and two life for a Birthing Pod. Lanthier continued to Preordain and Ponder. Anderson tried tapping three for Sea Gate [autocard]Oracle[/autocard], and Lanthier Mana Leaked. Anderson Dismembered the Spellskite, and ended his turn.

Lanthier paid two life for another Probe, this time revealing Birthing Pod, Splinter Twin, Deceiver Exarch and Misty Rainforest. He passed the turn. Anderson passed back and had his Birthing Pod bounced by Into the Roil.

They played draw-go with some Ponders and Preordains thrown in. Lanthier managed to catch a Birds of Paradise with Twisted Image. Anderson had an end-of-turn Exarch Mana Leaked. Lanthier stuck a Spellskite, and when Anderson went for Phyrexian Metamorph, returned it to hand with Into the Roil. Still, Lanthier made no moves toward a kill.

Anderson got Birthing Pod down, and then the following turn turned a Birds of Paradise into Spellskite. When Lanthier did nothing on his following turn, Anderson played Deceiver Exarch, then untapped and traded it in for Solemn [autocard]Simulacrum[/autocard]. Lanthier played another Gitaxian [autocard]Probe[/autocard], seeing two more Pods, the Splinter Twin, and an island, but had no follow-up.

Anderson turned his Solemn [autocard]Simulacrum[/autocard] into Urabrask, the Hidden, and attacked. Lanthier was down to eight life. If he had anything, he would have to go for it. He didn't, and died in short order.

Anderson 1 - Lanthier 0

Lanthier, shockingly, had neither Ponder nor Preordain to start things off. Anderson played a Preordain, then passed. Lanthier made a Shrine of Piercing Vision. Anderson dug further with a second Preordain, keeping one. He followed up with Copperline Gorge and Nature's Claim on the Shrine.

Lanthier finally Preordained, keeping both. Anderson passed on three mana. Lanthier tried a Spellskite. Anderson responded with Deceiver Exarch, tapping Anderson's island. He drew mana, and Pondered, keeping the cards. He played an island and passed.

Marc Anderson

Anderson paid two life for a three-mana Birthing Pod, then two more to turn his Exarch into a Solemn [autocard]Simulacrum[/autocard], searching out an island. Lanthier untapped and Shattered (Ice Age art!) the Pod. Anderson added Spellskite to his side of the board, then Pondered, and played Birds of Paradise.

Play continued at its glacial pace. Lanthier Preordained and played Halimar Depths. Anderson played Sea Gate [autocard]Oracle[/autocard] and Pondered. They sell you the whole seat, but you only need the edge.

Still on five mana, Lanthier made no move. Anderson had had enough of waiting. He tapped five for Urabrask, the Hidden. Lanthier considered his options, then went for Mana Leak. Anderson fetched out a land and paid. Urabrask resolved, and hit the ground running with Solemn [autocard]Simulacrum[/autocard] and Sea Gate [autocard]Oracle[/autocard]. Lanthier took the hit, down to seventeen.

Lanthier played Deceiver Exarch at end of turn, then untapped and got rid of the opposing Spellskite with Into the Roil. His last four mana he spent on Splinter Twin. Urabrask forced him to wait a turn, and that was all Anderson needed. Nature's Claim killed the Spellskite, and then Dismember finished off the Exarch. From there, victory was academic.

Marc Anderson defeats Dan Lanthier 2-0

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