Semifinals: Jelger Wiegersma vs Frank van de Hanenberg

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Ewin Paul

Everybody who hasn't been hiding under a rock the last few years knows Jelger. He is one of the Pro Tour regulars for who everybody has fear. Today he is playing Cunning Wake. On day 1 he went 4-1-1 with this deck, the result for the rochester draft on day 2 was 4-0-2. He is being sponsored these days by Lowland Games, just as his friends Frank Karsten (3rd) and Victor van der Broek (9th). Frank has been playing some Grand Prix with 2 top 32 finishes, and this is his first top 8 in the Dutch National Championships. He has borrowed his deck from Benjamin Vliegenthard and didn't test much. His result on day 1 was a straight 6-0, day 2 went not that good with a meager 2-3-1 due to a lot of mana problems, but it was enough to make top 8.

A 10-sided dice decides that Frank is the one to start.

Game 1

Frank looks unhappy, Jelger ask him: "Do you feel lucky". He doesn't and starts shuffeling again. Jelger also takes the road to Paris so both player start with 6 cards.
Frank opens with a Llanowar Elf, followed by a Call of the Herd. Jelger plays Compulsion in his turn and Frank flashes the Herd. Beatings are being applied, but a timely Wrath can clear the table. Jelger is down to 7 and Frank brings a Wild Mongrel to the table. Renewed Faith gives some air for Jelger, Frank can only play an Elf. God is rather angry today and shows his Wrath again, with Frank responding by playing a Violent Eruption.
"2 Wraths.... Cheats!" - Frank
A morph appears on the side of Jelger, but that one is being killed by a Barbarian Ring. The second Faith brings Jelger back to 7 life, with an attacking Mongrel on the other side. Compulsion is doing it's work though, bringing the needed cards to his hands, one of those being Cunning Wish. A Chastise is wished for, then a morphed Angel appears on the table with 4 mana to spare. This is too much for Frank, so he decides to try his luck in the next game.

Standings: 1-0 for Jelger

Sideboarding after Game 1
Jelger brings in 3 Teroh's Faithful and 1 Exalted Angel for 3 Deep Analysis and a Mirari.
Frank brings 3 Naturalize from his sideboard for 2 Phantom Centaurs and a Violent Eruption.

Game 2

Frank decides to start again and both players are happy with their openingshand.
Wooded Foothills searches for a Forest and a Rootwalla enters play. That one is followed by an Elf and a Grim Lavamancer in the second turn. Jelger meanwhile just lays some land, one of which is a Krosan Verge. Some attacks and a Volcanic Hammer bring him down to 12 in turn 3, and further down to 8 in the next. A Teroh's Faithful gives a much needed blocker and returns his life total to an acceptable level.
Frank kills that one off with an attacking Walla, followed by an activation of the Lavamancer. He also plays a Wild Mongrel before passing the turn. When he is attacking in his next turn, he walks into a Peaceful Moment. Jelger also gains some more life with 2 Renewed Faiths, so he's back at the same total he started with: 20 life!
The flashback of the Peace keeps him safe for another turn and then it is time for an Exalted Angel to make her appearance. Things aren't looking good for Frank now, so he is simply all-out attacking while holding back only the Lavamancer. Jelger chooses not to block and takes 7 damage. A Call of the Herd joins the troops and it's time for Jelger again. He brings Angel to the red zone, and then plays another Faithful dude to hold the fort. That one blocks the charging Rootwalla and dies to that combined with another Grim trick. In the next turn Jelger plays a Wake, followed by another Angel.

"That makes a lot of differance" - Frank
"Do you have a Threaten?" - Jelger
"Nope, maybe next game!" - Frank

Standings: 2-0 for Jelger

Sideboarding after Game 2
Jelger keeps the same sideboard configuration.
Frank takes out 2 Naturalises and one Firebolt for 3 Threatens... he got the hint.

Game 3

Frank can start once again and both players keep their hand.
The first offensive act for Frank is a Mongrel, Jelger opens with a Compulsion. A Third turn Firebolt and fourth turn Violent Eruption brings Jelger down to 9. In the next one the game is ended by another Eruption and some cards that were discarded to the Mongrel. This game lasted about 4 minutes and that is always a good sign for the RG-Player!

Standings: 2-1 for Jelger

Sideboarding after Game 3
Jelger is still happy with his current mainboard so doesn't sideboard any cards.
Frank takes out a Threaten and another Firebolt for 2 Esnaring Bridges.

Game 4

Jelger finally can start and opens with a Krosan Verge. Frank starts off with Wooded Foothills, Elf and then a Rootwalla and Grim Lavamancer. Renewed Faith for Jelger and then the Verge is being used to fetch a Forest and a Plains. Teroh's Faithful makes his appearance again, so Jelgers life total is above Frank's for now. Frank tries an all-out attack and Jelger chooses to block the Lavamancer, which dies. Then an Angel hits play, but is stolen in Frank's turn due to a Threaten. When Jelger plays a Mirari's Wake he calls out "But I don't want to die yet, Magic is fun!".
Frank tries to keep Jelger's life total low by attacking and playing a Volcanic Hammer to the head, but then another Angel enters play and Frank gives in.

Final Result: 3-1 for Jelger

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