Semifinals: Jorge Rodriguez vs. Gerardo Godinez

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By Brian Davis

Jorge Rodriguez vs. Gerardo Godinez

In the Semifinals, local favorite Jorge Rodriguez of Chile, a member of Team Xoptimo, playing a UWB GoMar Deck, met the Super Mexican (TM) Gerardo Godinez, playing the Mexican Lobotomy, a UBR Control deck with 3 main deck Lobotomies. Sit back, relax, because it's going to be a long one.

Jorge won the die roll, and elected to play first. Neither player had to mulligan, and the game begun; Jorge lead with an Island, and Gerardo a Swamp. Jorge played a Coastal Tower with 2 Galina's Knights in hand, while Godinez played a Shivan Reef. On Jorge's 3rd turn, he played a Galina's Knight and picked up the Island to play a Dromar's Cavern. Godinez played a second Shivan Reef and passed the turn, while Jorge attempted to play a Vindicate on Gerardo's Swamp; he wouldn't have any of that, though, and played an Undermine. Gerardo missed his land drop on Turn 4, and had to pass the turn back to Jorge. Jorge decided against playing the 2nd Galina's Knight in his hand, holding back with his Absorb. Godinez tried to Recoil the Knight, but Jorge Absorbed it, and then on Jorge's next turn, after Jorge had drawn and played his 4th land, Jorge attempted again to Vindicate a Land, but Godinez took 2 points of damage to Undermine again.

In the meantime, however, Jorge has been experiencing a bit of mana problems of his own, stalled on 3 lands, and can do nothing when Godinez casts a Void for 2, getting the Galina's Knight on the table, the one in his hand, and also a Gerrard's Verdict. Still stalled on 3 lands, Jorge can only watch idly as Godinez plays a Nightscape Familiar and then on the following Turn a 2nd Nightscape Familiar. Jorge attempts to Dromar's Charm one of the Familiars, and Godinez, rather enjoying almost all of the spells in his deck costing 2 less mana, uses his 3rd Undermine to prevent it. Jorge untaps, and, still missing his 4th Land, decides to main phase Dromar's Charm the Familiar, which is successful.

On his next turn, Jorge attempts to Vindicate an Urborg Volcano, but in response Godinez Prophetic Bolts Jorge, and untaps and plays a Pyre Zombie. Jorge has finally drawn his 4th land, but it may be too late, as he has taken 9 damage from Undermines and quite a few pings the Familiars. In response to a Fact or Fiction from Jorge, Godinez Urza's Rages him, and it was game.

Gerardo Godinez

For the second game, Jorge takes out 2 Routs, a Dromar's Charm, an Absorb, a Spectral Lynx, and a Gerrard's Verdict for 3 Lobotomies and 3 Gainsays. Godinez sides out an Urza's Rage, a Recoil, a Fact or Fiction, 3 Lobotomies, and an Undermine for 4 Gainsays and 3 Addles.

Jorge decided to play first for the 2nd Game, and again neither player had to mulligan. Jorge played a Galina's Knight on Turn 2 and a Spectral Lynx on Turn 3, while Godinez had 2 Islands and a Shivan Reef. On Jorge's 4th turn, he played a Vindicate on Godinez's Shivan Reef, and in response, Godinez Repulsed the Galina's Knight. Godinez appeared to find his Black mana though, with a Salt Marsh on Turn 4. Jorge replayed the Galina's Knight, but Godinez Gainsayed it; Unphased, Jorge merely played another Galina's Knight.

Jorge continued to serve with the 2 creatures during his next turn, and during Jorge's end step, Godinez cast a Recoil on the Spectral Lynx; Jorge then picked up the Spectral Lynx and discarded a Galina's Knight. Godinez cast an Addle on Jorge, naming White, and took a Spectral Lynx seeing a Vindicate and a Fact or Fiction. During Godinez's end step, Jorge cast a Fact or Fiction, revealing 2 Absorbs, 2 Coastal Towers, and a Salt Marsh. Jorge took the Coastal Tower, Salt Marsh, and Absorb, casting a Vindicate the next turn on Godinez's Urborg Volcano, his only source of Red. Getting low on life, Godinez cast a main phase Fact or Fiction, attempting to find an answer to the Knight, but Jorge had just drawn a Gainsay. Gerardo died a turn later to the Galina's Knight.

For the final game, Godinez decided to board back out his Addles and a Gainsay in favor of Ravenous Rats. Godinez got to play first for the first time this match, and we'll see if it makes any difference. Godinez gave Jorge an impish grin, banged on the top of his deck, and said that he was going to keep. Godinez lead with an Urborg Volcano, and Jorge a Coastal Tower. Godinez played a Nightscape Familiar on Turn 2, clearly happy about finally drawing the little guy early, while Jorge played a Salt Marsh, which screwed up his mana curve greatly. Godinez cast a Pyre Zombie on his 3rd Turn, looking to apply a bit of pressure, but unfortunately for Gerardo, Jorge had a Gerrard's Verdict in his hand, and was forced to discard an Exclude and an Island. Sometimes people forget how insane Gerrard's Verdict is if your opponent doesn't have Dodecapods in their deck.

Jorge Rodriguez

Godinez was stalled on 3 lands, but the Nightscape Familiar was helping him to stay in business. Godinez continued to attack with his 2 creatures, but Jorge looked to put a stop to that during Godinez's end step with a Dromar's Charm on the Familiar, which Godinez let die. Jorge cast a Spectral Lynx on his following turn, which Godinez attempted to Exclude, and Jorge decided to let that Exclude resolve despite having 2 Absorbs in his hand in order to play a Galina's Knight to permanently stop those Pyre Zombie beats.

Or did it? Gerardo cast a Void on the following turn naming two, killing the Galina's Knight, and revealing three 3 casting cost cards in his hand; 2 Absorbs and a Vindicate. Gerardo continued to apply pressure with the nearly unstoppable Pyre Zombie, while meanwhile Jorge drew Gainsays, Vindicates, and Lands. Jorge decided to cast a Vindicate on the Pyre Zombie to stop the beat somewhat, so Godinez sacrificed it in response, and then returned it to his hand on his next upkeep; however, knowing that Jorge had plenty of counters in his hand, Godinez decided not to recast the Pyre Zombie for several turns, and paid the ultimate price in the form of a Lobotomy. Gerardo Gainsayed it, but Jorge had a Gainsay waiting for it, so Godinez cast Urza's Rage in response and prayed for the best. Gerardo revealed a hand of Pyre Zombie, Prophetic Bolt, Urza's Rage, Nightscape Familiar, and Void. Jorge took the Voids out, and now that Jorge was all tapped out, Gerardo used this newfound opportunity to safely cast his Nightscape Familiar and Pyre Zombie. With only 3 Absorbs and a Vindicate in hand, Jorge conceded to the Zombies.

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