Semifinals: Kyle Boggemes vs Owen Turtenwald

Posted in Event Coverage on May 22, 2010

By Ben Swartz

"You should concede to me because I told [Adam] Yurchick that he could honk my nose if I win," joked Kyle Boggemes as he sat down to his Semifinals match against long time friend Owen Turtenwald; both Kyle and Owen cut their teeth on the same Midwest PTQ circuit. They each had had recent results as well, with Kyle most recently getting second place at Pro Tour-San Diego and Owen Top 8ing Grand Prix Minneapolis.

"GL Meatball, " said Kyle jovially.

"You too," replied Owen.

Kyle Boggemes

Kyle won the roll and started off on the play by cracking two Arid Mesas into a Wall of Omens. Owen countered with a turn three Sprouting Thrinax. An end-of-turn Path to Exile on his own Wall accelerated Kyle to a Jace, the Mind Sculptor which brainstormed but left Kyle with no fifth land. A Bloodbraid Elf into Blightning for Owen killed the Mind Sculptor and dropped Kyle to 12.

Kyle slowed down Owen's beats with an Elspeth, Knight-Errant creating a token. Owen's Lightning Bolt dealt with the token and allowed him to attack to kill the Knight-Errant. Still at a loss for his fifth land, Kyle played a second Jace, the Mind Sculptor, brainstormed, and again found no lands.

Owen attacked with his creatures and Raging Ravine, and with only a pair of Walls from Kyle, Owen's Terminate sealed the deal.

Owen Turtenwald 1, Kyle Boggemes 0

Kyle began the game with a turn two Everflowing Chalice allowing him to accelerate into another Everflowing Chalice for two counters. Owen destroyed both Chalices with a Maelstrom Pulse and Kyle played a Wall of Omens onto an empty board. Owen Blightninged Kyle down to two cards, forcing him to discard two lands.

Owen Turtenwald

With four lands on the battlefield Owen mulled over his options and opted to cast a Bloodbraid Elf cascading into a Doom Blade. That destroyed Kyle's Wall and allowed Owen to attack for 3. Kyle reacted by casting an Oblivion Ring sending Owen's Bloodbraid Elf into exile. After cycling a Prophetic Prism, Owen cast a Sprouting Thrinax.

Kyle tried to bring the game back under his control by casting a Baneslayer Angel, but Owen had a timely Maelstrom Pulse to destroy it. Nothing from Kyle's deck meant Owen was able to attack Kyle down to 5 and cast a Putrid Leech. However a Day of Judgment off the top left Owen with only three Saprolings. Kyle drew nothing the following two turns, however, and Owen's 1/1s carried him to the Finals.

Owen Turtenwald 2, Kyle Boggemes 0

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