Semifinals: Patrick Mello vs. Benjamin Caumes

Posted in Event Coverage on December 1, 2002

By Craig Jones

Mogg Fanatic
Only two rounds to go to decide the champion of GP Reims and the red decks have run amok. A Goblin insurgence has crept into the top 8 and now the Goblins are infesting the lofty heights of the top 4. Patrick Mello of Germany and Benjamin Caumes of France face each other in a sligh mirror to decide who will play in the final.

Mello won the die roll and made Caumes play first. He summoned a Mogg Fanatic on turn 1. Mello thought on his turn before Sealing away the Fanatic. He summoned a Lackey, which also had a similar life expectancy as Caumes Bolted it off the board. Creatures were unlikely to hang around long in this matchup.

With two ports Caumes tried to keep on top of Mello's mana but the German had enough land. With a Flunkies in play Mello looked surprised when he summoned a Raging Goblin and was allowed to declares attackers without either a Fanatic or a Seal of Fire on Caumes side aimed at the haste creature. The Flunkies dutifully followed into the red zone to knock a chunk out of the Frenchman's life total.

The next turn he took care of the problem as well as flashing back the Firebolt to remove Mello's newly summoned Piledriver.

A Jackal Pup hung around for an equally short time and Mello was stuck with just some Flunkies while Caumes ran his Goblins into the red zone. At this point Caumes kept Mello down to just two mana with his two ports.

Mello used 1 mana to Reckless Abandon the Flunkies at a potentially dangerous Piledriver but Caumes seemed to be pulling a never-ending stream of Goblins off the top of his library. A Lava Dart took down a couple but they just kept coming.

The life totals stood with Mello on 8 life and nothing in play, his opponent on 14 life and with a Lackey and Fanatic.

A Seal took down a Lackey, only for another to spring up in its place, and then a Jackal Pup.

Mello couldn't keep up with the removal as his deck appeared to have hit a vein of mountains.

Caumes 1-0 Mello

Game 2 was catastrophic for Caumes as Mello made him go first again. Caumes ended up mulliganing down to 2 cards and ... well lets just go to Game 3.

Caumes 1-1 Mello

Raging Goblin
Caumes made Mello go first and the German thought for a long time before deciding to keep his hand. He rushed in with a Raging Goblin while a Lackey skulked out on Caumes' side of the board.

Mello was a bit short of land but red decks don't need much land. Fanatic and Scroll appeared turn 2, followed by Flunkies.

Goblins built up on either side but then Caumes had a monster turn where he Wastelanded Mello's Ring Sealed off Mello's Piledriver and flashed back a Dart to ping off a Fanatic and leave Mello with just the Flunkies again.

"Anything else?"

Caumes summoned a Goblin Piledriver.

The Flunkies stood idly by while two Piledrivers smashed through the red zone. Mello scrolled one off only for a Sparksmith to appear in its place. Then a Cadets. Again Mello couldn't keep up.

He dropped a Raging Goblin to hopefully be able to block with the Flunkies but a Firebolt shot that plan down in flames and the Goblins stormed in the red zone for lethal damage.

Final Result: Caumes 2 - Mello 1

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