Semifinals: Team TOGIT vs. Team Beatings

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By Toby Wachter

Team TOGIT vs. Team Beatings

With an impressive 3-0 sweep in the Constructed formats before the Limited matches could end, Team TOGIT advanced to the Finals of the Sideboard Team Challenge. The Type 1 match saw Scott Kasliner's mono-blue control face off against Andrew Just's Stasis deck. Up until this point, Scott had not even lost a game in this tournament. The streak continued, as Scott swept his match 2-0.

The Invasion Block Constructed match involved Osyp Lebedowicz's B/W/g deck going against Ben Angel's R/G/b deck. In their feature match during the swiss rounds today, Ben got the best of Osyp, thanks mostly to Caves of Koilos and Llanowar Wastes pinging away too much damage. This time was different, as Osyp's deck finally got running and did what it was designed to do. Spectral Lynx held down the ground, while Voice of All flew overhead. Armadillo Cloak was also a key card in this matchup, as it is incredible on the nearly indestructible Lynx and Voice.

Patrick Sullivan, who ran a variant of Seth Burn's anti-Oath Sligh deck from last year, won the final Constructed matchup. Using creatures such as Viashino Sandstalker and Ball Lightning which do not stay on the table, the deck can deal damage without the Oath triggering, and then finish off the job with burn. Mogg Fanatic is another creature used in the deck, but it can be easily sacrificed if an Oath shows up. Jackal Pup does stay on the board, but it is simply too efficient to ignore. Patrick's opponent, Arun Sharma, was playing Oath. Patrick's deck simply did what it was designed to do, and he was able to burn his team into the finals.

Team TOGIT should be happy that they did so well in the Constructed portion of their match, because Team Beatings' Cody Damm had quite an impressive Invasion Block sealed deck. Crypt Angel, Annihilate, Probe, Crosis' Charm and Rootwater Hunter were only some of the bombs he was running. However, none of this mattered, since all three Constructed matches went to TOGIT before the Limited matches could finish. TOGIT now goes onto the finals to face the winners of Team Egghead Games and Team Village Idiots.

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