Semifinals - Thomas Kiene vs Philip Bau

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2010

By Event Coverage Staff

Two relative unknowns battled for the chance to stare down Martin Juza in the finals. They were friendly and animated, excited at their success so far. After shuffling up, however, they were all business.

They got out of the gates quickly. Ember Hauler traded with Silvercoat Lion, but Kiene was assembling quite the airforce: Cloud Elemental, Cloud Crusader, and Squadron Hawk, then Blinding Mage to back them up. Bau had the Goblin Tunneler / Hellhound combo, but only four land to power it up.

Tireless Missionaries brought Kiene up to twelve. Doom Blade took care of the Blinding Mage. Bau swung all out. The Missionaries blocked the Tunneler, and after firebreathing Kiene was left at seven. Bau dropped Pyroclasm, leaving Kiene with just his 2/3 fliers.

Kiene returned fire, bringing Bau to five, then played Garygoyle Sentinel. Bau had Chandra Nalaar, killing the Sentinel and offering a chance for stabilizaiton, but Kiene flipped over Inspired Charge for the kill.

Kiene 1 - Bau 0

The two engaged in some friendly banter, Kiene sharing some embarrassing stories from his early days in the PTQs.

"You realise the coverage is writing all this down..." said Bau

"Oh..." Kiene turned. "Could you edit out all the things that sound stupid?"

Bau got on the board quickly with Viscera Seer and Chandra's Spitfire, but was short on spells. He swung for one past Kiene's Cloud Elemental, but had no plays on four OR five.

Meanwhile Kiene dropped Assault Griffin and Tireless Missionaries. Bau suited up his Spitfire with Volcanic Strength to stop the onslaught. Kiene added Gargoyle Sentinel and Stormfront Pegasus. All Bau had to contribute was a Bloodthrone Vampire.

Kiene swung with everything but his Sentinel. Bau put the Spitfire in front of the Pegasus and had his Seer chump the Missionaries. He scryed and saw Chandra Nalaar waiting on top of his deck. He took care of the Assault Griffin with Combust. Kiene reloaded with Foresee. All four went on top. He cast another Pegasus and passed.

Chandra showed up and killed the Sentinel, but Kiene was prepared. Pacifism stopped the Spitfire, and Armored Ascension supercharged the Missionaries. Chandra fell to the other two fliers, and Bau went to eight.

Act of Treason seemed to give Bau a ray of hope. He stole the Missionaries and bashed, sacrificing the Spitfire for damage and the Missionaries after combat. Kiene was suddenly at ten. He untapped, then tapped four and showed Inspired Charge again. Bau offered him the handshake.

Thomas Kiene defeats Philip Bau 2-0

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