Semifinals - Tim McKenna vs. Mike Turian

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By Joseph Kambourakis

This is the fourth time these two have played each other in this tournament. Their record thus far is 1-1-1. They have played once before this weekend in GP:Kansas City where McKenna decked Turian with a Sligh deck.

Game 1

Turian won the die roll eight to six and chose to play. McKenna plays a turn two Mad Dog and after he attacks with it on turn three he plays a Barbarian Lunatic. Turian plays a Hall and it's Flamebursted as McKenna attacks for four more damage. McKenna plays a Twigwalker as Turian has nothing without a second green land. Turian finally drew Nantuko Mentor and played it. McKenna played Elephant Ambush and Turian just scooped. Maher then said "Mike you are a good man for conceding and not bluffing".

McKenna 1-0

Game 2

McKenna plays a turn two Mad Dog again this game and Turian doesn't block it with his turn three Leaf Dancer. The Mad Dog then runs into an elephant. McKenna summons a Metamorphic Wurm and is done. Turian Reckless Charged the Leaf Dancer and sent with the token and dancer. McKenna blocked and traded his Wurm for a Muscle Burst. On Turian's next attack McKenna makes his own elephant token and they trade. McKenna has the only creature on the board in the form of Werebear, but Turian's hand is Kamahl, Pit Fighter and Shower of Coals. You can go to Game 3 now but if you like you can continue reading this game. Turian eventually Showered the bear and a squirrel token and played a Wild Mongrel. McKenna played a Twigwalker and is done. Turian draws Savage Firecat to go with the other broken rare in his hand and sends the turn over to McKenna. Turian then discarded Kamahl to the mongrel and McKenna just scooped.

Tied 1-1

"I watched you discard Ember Beast and was like wow your hand must be good, that guy would be an all-star on my side. Then I saw you discard Kamahl and I knew your hand was very good"

Game 3

No Mad Dog on turn two for McKenna but Turian has the turn two Werebear and turn three Wild Mongrel. McKenna played a Zoologist and Turian played a turn four Elephant. Turian attacked and said "Its scary to attack into the Zoologist" which hit an Elephant Ambush and McKenna took some damage. Turian then played a Savage Firecat. The game was over at this point and McKenna cast a Chatter of the Squirrels. "Oh at least he saves some pride there" I pointed out. McKenna then just scooped his cards up.

Mike Turian 2 - Tim McKenna 1

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