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1998 World Championships
Featured Match Reports, Thursday

Day two of play is constructed, and the players will be using the same decks all day. They will be re-using these decks during the finals on Sunday. In an effort to help reduce scouting, we won't be posting deck contents until after the Top Eight are sequestered on Sunday.

Round 8

Sigurd Eskeland (Norway) - Jon Finkel (Team USA)

PT Player of the Year hopeful Jon Finkel has had an incredible winning streak this year - winning a Pro Tour and finishing highly in just about every other pro-level tournament he entered. Eskeland, one of the top European competitors is going strong, having finished in the first place for day 1. The two players are the only undefeated competitors at the moment with the record of 7-0. Finkel won, 2-1.

Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) - John Chinnock (USA)

Asia-Pacific Champion Satoshi Nakamura faced "Happy" John Chinnock in the first round of Standard play. Nakamura won, 2-0.

Round 9

Alan Comer (USA) vs Svend Sparre Geertsen (Denmark)

Premiere deckbuilder Alan Comer was paired up against Svend Sparre Geertsen in a match-up featuring new Exodus Tech and an old standby. Alan was forced to double mulligan in game one, directly leading to his demise on turn five. In game two, his draw looked much better, but it wasn't enough as Svend was able to deal with Comer's threats and end the game on turn seven.

Geertsen 2 Comer 0

Tomi Walamies (Team Finland) vs Tommi Hovi (Finland)

Tommi Hovi is a veteran of the game, having won Pro Tour - Los Angeles in 1997 and placed highly in many other events. Although not as well known outside of his country, Tomi Walamies is also a serious player and a force to be reckoned with. The two playtested together for this event so the matchup was not unfamiliar to either. Hovi won, two games to one.

Hovi 2 Walamies 1

Round 10

David Price vs. Olle Rade

With both players playing decks they are thoroughly familiar with, David Price took home game one after denying Olle a ready source of mana. In game two, the game was long and drawn out, placing the odds in Olle's favor. After getting Price down to one life, Rade couldn't finish the job and Price managed to take away the remainder of Olle's 14 life before Rade could deal the one.

Price 2 Rade 0

Jon Finkel v. Jakub Slemr

Although both players had excellent decks, Finkel made some very good metagame choices when building his. That combined with Slemr not drawing colored mana for a while allowed him to easily win game one. In the second game Finkel drew both his powerful metagame choice cards and many of his sideboard cards. Finkel walked away the winner of this match-up with an amazing 10-1 record.

Finkel 2 - Slemr 0

Round 11

Randy Buehler (USA) vs Steven O'Mahoney Shwartz (USA)

Buehler has skyrocketed to the Magic Olympus ever since winning Pro Tour - Chicago - the first Pro Tour Buehler has ever played in. A member of team CMU, Buehler has performed very well in constructed and limited tournaments alike. Steven O'Mahoney Shwartz has been playing competitively and winning for years, recently finishing in the second place at Pro Tour - Mainz.

In a matchup strikingly similar to that between Finkel and Slemr last round, Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz defeated Randy Buehler in two straight games.

O'Mahoney Schwartz 2, Buehler 0

Tom Guevin (USA) vs Lukas Ladra (Czech Republic)

While shuffling before the first game, Tom Guevin has admitted that he had never been able to defeat a player from a Czech Republic before. Even so, neither player in this matchup could be said to be at a disadvantage. Both Ladra and Guevin have done very well on the Pro Tour recently - not quite making top 8 but finishing close to it.

Both players were using similar, slow decks. In this particular match-up the one with enough lands to cast their spells and back them up with control spells would win. Guevin, playing a higher mana ratio was at an advantage. He was able to defeat Ladra, who was manahosed game one and did not draw quite enough land in game two either, two to zero.

Guevin 2 - Ladra 0

Round 12

Arto Hiltunen vs. Manuel Bevand

In what could be construed as a combo deck gone horrible awry, Arto Hiltunen watched helplessly as Manuel Bevand's army marched over and dealt considerable damage. The first game lasted until the fourth turn, while the second game only got as far as the third turn.

Bevand 2 Hiltunen 0

Jon Finkel (Team USA) vs Raphael Levy (France)

Finkel has done exceptionally well so far, going into this round with an 11-0 record, losing only one duel. This is the longest consecutive winning streak at Worlds since Jeff Donais' performance last year. This round he is facing Raphael Levy of team Legion, one of the most promising young players in France. Levy is best known for creating the LLL mono-green land destruction extended deck that did very well in the round of qualifiers and Grand Prix in Europe.

Finkel got off to a very fast start in game one, and was able to defeat Levy quickly. In the second game both players had excellent draws but Levy was able to gain enough life to stay alive and eventually achieve a winning position whereas Finkel conceded the game. In game three both players had poor draws. Levy only drew mana of one color while Finkel did not play a single creature during the first four turns. Eventually Levy was able to win the match that lasted for almost thirty minutes in one deciding attack.

Levy 2 - Finkel 1

In other news, Bachman def. Eskeland 2-0 and Kastle def. Gallitz 2-0

Round 13

Kim Eikefet vs. Jakub Slemr

World Champion Jakub Slemr took on the upstart Norwegian Kim Eikefet in a match-up pitting control vs. speed. In the first game, Kim managed to achieve partial beatdown, taking Slemr down to 6 life before Jakub could achieve control to take the match. In game two, it was much of the same. The key to the game hinged on Eikefet's failure to draw a single sideboard card and mana flooding for the second time in as many games.

Slemr 2 Eikefet 0

Steven O'Mahoney Schwartz vs Kyle Rose

Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz, finalist of PT: Mainz and winner of Grand Prix Madrid and Zurich is facing Kyle Rose who finished 5th at PT: LA and 7th at PT:Chicago. Both are skillful players and both are playing similar deck types so this match was more likely to be decided by luck of the draw than anything else.

And luck it was, with Kyle Rose drawing ten lands and seven spells total in game one. In game two it was the other way around, Rose drawing a lot of three and four-casting cost spells but stuck at two lands for several turns. Steve capitalized on Rose's poor draws and received an easy match win.

O'Mahoney-Schwartz 2 Rose 0

Round 14

Chris Pikula vs. Brian Selden

Composite rating invitee Brian Selden went up against Magic god Chris Pikula in this battle of East vs. West, Deadguy vs. California Beach. In game one, Chris dealt damage early and often, but a miraculous comeback allowed Selden to pull the game out one turn before death. In game two, Selden failed to draw the proper mana or defense and died in short order. In game three, the game looked to be a done deal for Pikula, but Selden was able to remove all the permanent threats in one turn and bring out his own threats to beat on Chris. In the end, it was an ugly spectacle.

Selden 2 Pikula 1

Brian Hacker (USA) vs Dave Price (USA)

Dave Price is often referred to as the "King of Sligh." He won Pro Tour: Los Angeles '98 using a Tempest-only Sligh deck, passed undefeated through the day of type 2 at the 1997 US Nationals with Sligh, etc. Even when not playing Sligh, Price's play style is always aggressive. Brian Hacker loves playing aggressively as much - if not more. When these two competitors are paired up, the sparks are going to fly.

Hacker's deck is the perfect metagame choice against the one Price was playing today. It is no wonder Hacker was able to win the match no more than twenty minutes into the round. Dave Price being forced to mulligan in game two did not make the match any more fun for him either.

Hacker 2 - Price 0

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