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1998 World Championships
Semifinal Results and Final Brackets

Semifinal reports follow the brackets.

(#) indicates number of games won in the best-of-five match.

  Quarters      Semis        Finals    Champion

8--Comer--(0)-|            |
5--Rubin--(3)-|            |         |
              |-Rubin--(3)-|         |
4--Johns--(2)-|                      |
3--Selden-(3)-|                      |
              |-Selden-(3)-|         |
6--Pikula-(1)-|            |         |
7--Hacker-(2)-|            |

Jon Finkel vs. Ben Rubin

Game One
Totally dominating Finkel to begin the match, Rubin dealt 18 points of damage on turn four (Ball Lightning, Jackal Pup, Shock, 2 Fireblasts) for the win.

Game Two
In another race for the burn finish, Jon Finkel was able to deal 11 points of damage on 12th turn (Cursed Scroll, Mogg Fanatic, 2 Fireblast) to even the match. Many in the crowd agreed double Fireblast is good.

Game Three
Once again it was a damage race, with Finkels Hammer recursion finishing second to Rubins Cursed Scroll and multiple burn.

Game Four
Looking very weak on the opening draw, Finkels hand consisted of mainly land and a Hammer of Bogardan, while Rubins held his commonly seen Cursed Scroll. In the fourth straight neck and neck race, Finkel gained a decided advantage after his attacking Ball Lightning forced Ben to sacrifice two Mountains to Fireblast. As Finkel went into Hammer recursion (with 8 Mountains) against Rubins Scroll action, Jon was forced to Fireblast a Rubin Ball Lightning, potentially losing him his recursion (he went down to 7 Mountains). On his upkeep, Finkel regrew the Hammer and topdecked a Mountain on the draw and used the Hammer to take Ben down to 9. On his next turn, Rubin drew a Ball Lightning, played it, and then Fireblasted Jon to death, ending Finkels quest to become the first double Pro Tour Winner.

Rubin 3 Finkel 1

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