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Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports

Round 11 Feature Match

Kyle Rose vs. Dave Lewis

East Coast met West Coast in a match to decide a likely Top 8 berth. Game one looked to be all Lewis who was playing an Enchantress deck in a favorable match up against Rose's White Weenie. Lewis, who finished 6-0 in the limited portion yesterday thanks in part to NetDraft started out with a mulligan to match Rose's, but after Rose played a pair of Soltari Foot Soldiers, Dave played an Argothian Enchantress.

Rose's only option, playing without Armageddon, was to go on the offensive, casting two straight Waylays, but after he disenchanted one of Lewis' two Eladamri's Vineyards, Dave played Worship, buying him time to go off. A turn later, Lewis tried to go off, casting three Explorations, but was only able to draw Frantic Searches and more Enchantresses. Upon Dave's declaring the end of his turn, Kyle, who'd gotten Lewis down to one, said he thought Dave had one mana floating in his pool, and after a judges reconstruction, was found to be right. The San Francisco native burnt for one, giving the game to Kyle.

Game two saw Lewis get off to a fast start, playing an Argothian Enchantress on the second turn followed by an Exploration and a Verduran Enchantress. Rose, who had to mulligan again this game, started out slowly with a Longbow Archer, and was forced to watch Lewis play two Explorations and draw a handful of cards. With Rose sitting with three plains and a handful of cards, Lewis felt confident he could wait a turn to try to go off, but his caution cost him the match. Rose untapped and played a Plains, casting a Humility.

Under his breath, Lewis was heard saying 'I'm dead', and started searching his library for one of his two Disenchants. His effort was to no avail, despite going through 4 Frantic searches with the help of Yawgmoth's Will. Forced onto defense, Lewis played a Dread of Night, killing Rose's creatures, but it turned out to be a temporary setback as Kyle played Glorious Anthem.

Two turns later, Kyle's 1/1 white creature was blocked by a 1/1 Wall of Blossoms. Kyle tapped five lands and cast Allay, targeting the Dread. Two turns later, Kyle was Allaying regularly, and when Dave's final draw ironically turned out to be a Worship, he conceded.

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